Yogi Bhajan Talks To Teens

2nd and 3rd Generation. Child abuse. Boarding Schools. "Distance Therapy"...
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Yogi Bhajan Talks To Teens

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Here are examples of YB talking to 2nd Gen. when they were in India.

Roselotus Nov. 2002"

How about YB telling our daughters:

"You know what prostitution is? When for your emotions and feelings, you for a short few minutes of satisfaction sacrifice the entire grace of life. Because you must understand, how beautiful woman you may be, out of you, some will grow up. It will mean nothing... dime a dozen, girls are available in this country. How many you want? Tell me, I'll bring them to you. That's not the great big deal that you are a girl. And going and sleeping with a man and romance and all that nonsense is just a waste of your future. You will have no energy left and you won't make it.

Number two, if you get into this drinking and drugging and all that... One of the girls which was picked up by us and we supported as a community all the way through the school and sent her to India and all that, went to a bar and drank and got pregnant and this and that, and that kind of nonsense. That may be very American, but as far as we are concerned, we are not going to tolerate it. And then you will be on your own."

From: ROSELOTUS1 Nov-27, 2002

Or, how about Yogi Bhajan sharing with our children in India about how messed up we parents are:

...There are people who are my students who are parents, and I don't care to tell you one thing. Some of them have come through thick and thin in life and through their emotions, and through their feelings and through their neurotic nonsense and I counsel them every day. But I don't want you to tomorrow be counseled. I want you to learn one thing. Neither the psychology nor the psychiatry nor the education nor the discipline nor miracle is going to help you. Don't believe in anything!

...At least in India, in Dehra Dun where you will be living, you have a breath of freedom. You love your parents and they love you. Better keep away as much as you can. And this love should be maintained.

I know these parents very well. They started with me. They were students. I have files on them. I know them. They talk to me very openly and freely. I talk to them. It is all over. But the idea is not whether they are bad parents or good parents. You must understand one thing. You have absolutely no right to blame them. They did their best, what they could. Let's put it this way. But the fact is, they are tolerating, in spite of the fact that they don't have the brain to tolerate, in spite of the fact that they don't have the heart to tolerate. But just thinking for your good, they are sending you to India, and you will be absolutely idiotically foolish if you do not exploit that opportunity and put your heart, head, mind and soul into your studies. Nothing else will work in the United States, but you have to be one step ahead of everybody you compete with. Is that understood? You follow the law?

Now you can tell me, "My papa is this, my mama is this. They are not married, they are not separated, they are not hanging, they are not upside down, they are downside up." Whatever you want to tell me, I do not have anything to do with it. My only relief is, whether they are sick or they are healthy, they are good or they are bad, they are neurotic or they are absolutely psychotic, they know anything or they don't know anything, at least they are giving you a chance to be yourself. You got the idea? Don't blow it."

From: RoseLotus1 12/23/02

YB talking to 2nd Gen. in India

Sex education YB style:

I know some of you are very hot and you understand those girls who are very hot and they cannot live without boys. They'll end up messing up their future. They will be like a postcard which doesn't have a proper stamp. They'll go door to door, post office to post office, man to man, pregnancy to pregnancy, and their life will be nothing more than a living hell. And they'll end up going for themselves, going in the shopping centers and stores and work for $6.00 an hour. If you want to be that kind of person, go ahead. Feel free. And if you think that your parents are going to leave millions of dollars for you, I have not yet seen anybody, and neither I am going to see it.

So, between the two legs of you, there is a one little piece of meat and one little piece of hole. If for that damn one little place you want to blow up your entire future and your career and because you do not know who you are, go to hell! A nd create your own hell and then live in it! There's nobody who can advise you straightforwardly like me! I have absolutely no mercy with those who bring the absolute disaster on them and invite it because they are stupid!

From: RoseLotus1 12/23/02

Big Daddy Is Watching

"We have an intelligence service in India and we know what you people do. But I have a place to myself... even my staff sitting here, Nirinjan, she checks all my mail and everything. Very few things she knows. I don't want any idea about you that you are wrong. But wherever you are wrong, I know it. Wherever you are right, I know it. And if you are good, I know it. If you are bad, I know it. If you are rotten, I know it. I don't worry. "

- Yogi Bhajan speaking to 3HO teens.

You have no character because your parents got horny.

"Some of you are neurotically an offshoot of no grit and no character because your parents did not pray when they conceived you. So you are born out of not-prayer. You were bought when your mom was horny or your papa was horny. And you got conceived. And that's a fact you should understand."

-Yogi Bhajan speaking to 3HO teens in India

What was that again?

It is your choice. If you think there is something between your legs, and with that itch you want to ruin the entire rest of the body and you want to not have any discipline and you are afraid of this and afraid of that, it is your problem. You can blow it any time. There are a lot of people who get absolutely nowhere in life because of that. You play no exception role. Your exception role is to understand."

-Yogi Bhajan talking to 3HO teens in India

Oh, by the way, you owe me $:

"We'll be in a position now to teach all that which we couldn't teach in Fifth Centenary School, and we'd like to take that opportunity and send you back. There's a problem which we have that some people owe about hundred some thousand dollars, hundred fifty and above thousand dollars have not been paid, as the dues, and that Foreign Ed. is in debt. But even to send you back, all of you, as it is, we need about $78,000, which we have to come up with somewhere, to put you back in the school. And I'm not saying which parents have paid and which have not paid, which want to pay and which don't want to pay. I don't want to go through all that drama, but the fact is that you need education and that it's a fundamental education, and you need three educations. One is the education to face the world. The second education is to face your career. And third education is to face yourself. And I hope and I pray in this new school we'll find those opportunities possible. Do you understand? (Yes, sir.)"

-Yogi Bhajan discusses the bottomline with 3HO teens in India

From: RoseLotus1 12/23/02

YB speaking to 3HO teens in India:

Guilt trip 1:

I am not asking you not to be a bad boy and bad girl. I am absolutely not asking you. I am asking you be a bad boy and bad girl, but understand that your life will not be good thereafter. It will hurt me, and I'll feel bad, and sick about you, but I'll be helpless. All I can do is give you an opportunity, force the circumstances that you can get the opportunity. I can bring a horse to water, but I cannot force the horse to drink it. If you have no self-control, if you have no self-manners, if you have no self- desire to be somebody, I cannot make you anybody.

Guilt trip 2:

I was asked a question, the girls do not want to wear bana. Well, don't. Get $20 from me, go and cut your hair, and stand on Sunset Blvd., and ask for clients. What the hell I care? There are girls in this country, a dime a dozen. Why we should waste time and invest in you when you are nothing but a burnt-out desert? Mind you, if you have the mind to give us a bad time, we will not return the bad time, but we'll sit still. That means you are on your own.

Guilt trip with an extra twist 3:

Some of you are exploiting the parents by playing games and then going and doing rotten things. I was shocked that day when a father told me, he said, "I wish we should not have conceived this child." It shook me in my self. And all I said is, "Don't worry. Much has not gone rotten. We'll take care of it. Don't worry, we'll see to it. We are trying to do our best."

From: ROSELOTUS1 Nov-27 2002

YB tells 3HO teens in India :

How to become a hooker. And your parents are stupid.

A very beautiful shaped, very well done girl, as a call girl is available for a night for $120. If you just want to be that kind of prostitute or you want to marry in your life 6-8 times and have 2-3 children and, "This is from my father, and this is that one's father, and this is from that father, and this is from that father." I have no objection. If you want to create your own hell, you have to live in it. Do you understand? It is a very straightforward, clear deal. I don't want you to harass... I don't want you to harass me.

You must understand my problems. Some of your parents are very emotional and extremely neurotic. Some of your mothers and your fathers are extremely manipulative. And some of them are stupid enough that they do not know that I know too much. First I have to deal with them just to keep you there, and then you there are messing it up. And how you think I'll have a peace of mind? Plus I am physically not right. You know it hits three ways. I am physically not healthy, I can deal with it. I am not working and my not working means I have to pay ten thousand twenty two dollars, or something like that, a week to the Dharma to keep everything going. It's no nonsense!

They didn't throw me away as Siri Singh Sahib because I'm very powerful and they love me. They don't have half a million dollars six monthly to pay. None is that strong. And don't misunderstand that the conspiracy was not made to ship me to India and da, da, da. And some people have not done treachery and betrayal. It's all there on record. So don't think that I enjoy all the confidence and peace as it looks to you.

I have been sued and lawsuits are always there. Sometimes they say I have raped, sometimes they say I have prostituted, sometimes they say I have done this or that, and they don't let me be in peace. They have spent $700,000, something like that, in lawsuits, to disgrace and do character assassination and they give me a condition, "Tell the American Sikhs to go and nose out of Amrit and tell them to give us all the wealth and we'll have our punj piaras to use." I said, "Go ahead and do it. So it is not all a bed of roses on which I sleep, which you think it is. And there are a lot of problems.

Plus, I'm not working and my health doesn't permit me to take the stress and strain. When I was working, healthy, I never cared, you know, "Oh, it is not possible. I can take it. This check can take care of it." I did what I did. And I'm still trying to do what I am doing.

But if you understand, I have a problem. I have very many stupid students of mine. I wish they should not have been my students. And some of them are your parents. I don't want to name them. I am very sick of those people. I don't want to open my mouth, but when I open it, fire comes out of me. Curses come from the depth of my heart. They are so cruel to their own children that I can't even believe it! Number one.... number two, these parents are giving me a bad time. And I do not want you to be in their clutches.

..And you stupids! If you do not want to take this opportunity to become something, who the hell will tell you that you have any wisdom? You understand what I am saying?

(Yes, sir.)

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