Lies Often Told By Yogi Bhajan and Bhajanists

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Lies Often Told By Yogi Bhajan and Bhajanists

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From Antion Vikram Singh:

In the last few years, there has been an outpouring of research refuting many of the claims of YB. Of course the Bhajanists are horrified and will not even acknowledge the existence of this information. Rather, when anyone points it out, the Bhajanists immediately refer to them as “haters”, “enviers” or “slanderers”. But they never, ever will discuss the facts. These people who go around saying “Satnam” (Truth is the Name of God) about every thirty seconds, show zero interest in truth when it is not to their liking.

What are some of these lies?

1. That YB was a master of KY at 16 years old.

2. That KY – as taught by YB – is an ancient science, thousands of years old.

3. That the “Adi Shakti Symbol” (known to Sikhs as the Nishan Sahib) is an ancient symbol which stands for the Divine Feminine

4. That YB was given the title of Siri Singh Sahib at the Akal Takhat.

5. That YB was a celibate Yogi.

6. That YB created 200,000 Sikhs of American descent.

A little surfing on the web and one can easily uncover this info. I will say again, 3HO was built on a web of lies. Anyone who is involved with KY and 3HO have a right to know this.


Re: Lies Often Told By Yogi Bhajan and Bhajanists

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Great thread! Thanks!

Here are more lies I just mined from the Yogi Bhajan Biography, out on the 3HO site.

7. Yogi Bhajan....has left a legacy of hope (cynicism), inspiration (ruin and despair), and technology (quackery) for future generations and the upliftment of humanity (to provide himself with money, sex, and power).

8. Yogi Bhajan was..a deeply devoted Sikh, his inspiration and example motivated thousands to embrace the Sikh way of life. (He was New Age Hindu, and he trained a few hundred students in his way of life - New Age/Hinduism).

9. When he (Yogi Bhajan) was just eight years old he began his yogic training with an enlightened teacher, Sant Hazara Singh, who proclaimed him to be a Master of Kundalini Yoga when he was sixteen and a half. (All fabricated nonsence).

10. During the turmoil of partition in 1947, at the age of 18, he led his village of 7000 people, near what is Lahore Pakistan today, 325 miles on foot to safety in New Delhi, India. (Yes, YB traveled during partition into India from Pakistan, but he was not "the leader", just another victim of partition.)

11. Breaking the centuries old tradition of secrecy surrounding the empowering science of Kundalini Yoga, he began teaching it publicly. (Lies, lies lies! Read: From Maharaj to Mahan Tantric)

12. In 1973, Yogi Bhajan founded 3HO SuperHealth, a remarkably successful drugless, drug rehabilitation program... In 1973 it distinguished itself as being in the top 10% of all treatment programs throughout the U.S. (3Ho SuperHealth was NOT a successful drug rehab program at all, quite the contrary).

13. He (Yogi Bhajan) became a trusted management consultant for 14 corporations worldwide, representing industries as diverse as health food manufacturing (KIIT-Golden Temple Foods), computer systems (Sun and Son), and security services (Akal Security).

(BUZZer! This statement is true! Yogi Bhajan was actually a "trusted management consultant" for Akal Security! THAT isn't a lie! Rather it is a very scary truth.)

14. Yogi Bhajan earned his Ph.D.(from a known diploma mill "college") with his dissertation titled "Communication: Liberation or Condemnation." (Nope, YB didn't earn it. X-Bhajanists remember that it was his student MSS Gurucharan Singh Khalsa who wrote YB's thesis.)

15: The cause of (YB's) death was complications due to heart failure. (Complications that included obesity, diabetes, kidney failure, and a sketchy E. Indian kidney transplant!)


Re: Lies Often Told By Yogi Bhajan and Bhajanists

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The greatest lies of the sons of daughters of Bhajan are the lies of omission. The open secrets, the things that they know and experienced, but never talk about.

1) YB had sex with his secretaries, and often the sex was violent, forced, and done to young women.
2) YB was awful in person to his students and would berate them with horrifying vulgar, sexist, racist, homophobic, and nasty verbal attacks and threats.
3) YB never did sadhana, never did yoga, and lived an incredibly unhealthy, un-yogic lifestyle.
4) YB was ruled by money and since money meant so much to him, he forced many Bhajanists to live in poverty, treated students with money much better than those without, and directly and indirectly led many of his students to engage in unethical and illegal activity to make and hand over the kind of money that would make him happy (for the moment).

And finally, on the topic of lies, St Augustine classified lies about religious teaching to be the worst kind of lies.

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