Don't be negative, ji!

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Don't be negative, ji!

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Elandra Kirsten Meredith:

What is 'positive' and what is 'negative'? I am noticing that what spiritual people consider ‘positive' is often a form of emotional and spiritual bypassing. It is denial. The truth of how you really feel, and a safe place to express, has been left out. Therefore it is still head stuff, or spiritual authoritarianism. Valuing the feelings, the truth of the body and intuition has been left out. So it is still a form of conditioning and control. And it is a form of ‘normalcy bias’.


Re: Don't be negative, ji!

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From: SATSELF Feb-10-2002

'Don't be negative ji' and 'don't be so attached, ji' generally mean:

'Don't have your reality about what's happening and certainly don't have any emotional responses about it. And if you do, please immediately dismiss them so you can't learn anything from them. And then once they're safely dissociated from, please remember to feel ashamed for having had them in the first place. Then go do some meditation so you won't have them anymore. Now apologize for being ungraceful. Now go make dinner. Good girl."

And don't forget to wear your chuni, ji.

From: BABABLUES Feb-10-2002

Which brings up my personal favorite: "That's not very graceful, ji."


Re: Don't be negative, ji!

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Someone sent me Sada Anand Singh Khalsa's side of a brief FaceBook exchange that took place between him and Gursant Singh.

I knew Sada Anand Singh Khalsa when he lived in Berkeley. He was a nice guy who, in the early 1990s, got onto what X-Bhajanist's call YB's slippery slope, straying into illegal business practices. He lost lots of money for Sikhs in Yuba City. The police came after him, dramatically invading Hargobind Sadan (the Berkeley SD/3HO Ashram). Yogi Bhajan told Sada Anand Singh Khalsa to flee the law to Japan and he did. I don't know when, or if, Sada Anand Singh Khalsa cleaned all that legal mess up? He still lives in Japan, and he teaches Kundalini Yoga there.

In the exchange below Sada Anand Singh Khalsa preaches the "Don't be negative, ji!" philosophy beautifully, concluding with a violent negative personal attack of Antion Vikram Singh! And several personal attacks of Gursant Singh as well. How positive is that?

From: ... eo_comment

Sada Anand Singh Khalsa

That is nice, but not what I am doing or saying to you. I believe where one puts one's projection is where you go. You know--'creating your own reality"..... You are spending all your time trying to put something down rather than the possibility of putting your considerable talents towards building something up.

Sada Anand Singh Khalsa

Yogi Bhajan is dead. People don't worship him. People read the hukams, people meditate on mantras mostly from Guru Granth Sahib, people get elevated by utilizing and experiencing, for example, "the left and right channels" and the "10th gate" as mentioned numerously in the Guru Granth Sahib. So what if he added things? Is Sikh DHARMA supposed to be the Catholic Church, never changing anything to reflect the times and developing consciousness? Your arguments about him just don't hold water in my opinion and I doubt that anybody who has been around for a long time and who has experienced the benefits of this lifestyle and his teachings (as you obviously did) listen to what you are saying. When I listen to your diatribes, the tone and the generalizations and the 'all that kind of stuff' just turn me off and turn you off of my screen. "I am hear to tell you this...." who the heck are you to lecture anybody? Not humble. Yes you might scare away some new people and then what do you have to give them? Trilochan Singh's book? Will that liberate anybody from the bonds of maya? What practice are you inspiring others to do? How radiant are you? How big and compassionate is your heart? It has little to do with Yogi Bhajan at this point. I have asked you these questions before and you don't answer.

Sada Anand Singh Khalsa

And about Vikram, you can use his words from 20-30 years ago and other quotes from various people who have left. Fine. I won't go into talking negative about him about the way he was when he was in the Dharma. He had a big ego, maybe bigger than Yogiji's. That's it. So What, He has had to deal with that and I know he has. He was a wonderful person in my life in many ways and I thank him for his leadership at the ashram but not to see that there were personal issues with him that contributed to his rejection and feelings about Yogi Bhajan is to have a limited viewpoint. Just as there are obviously personal issues that you have that, in my opinion, shape and cloud, your ridiculously extended diatribe AGAINST (i.e. what I mean by negative) Yogi Bhajan, someone who many people appreciate and someone who is dead--although many claim to feel his presencse, voice and wisdom in their lives, even people who don't know him. How can you be so grandiose and egoistic to try to destroy people's positive experiences. Just shut up. There, I have gotten heated up and angrry. Is that what you like. Sayonara. playboy,. '

Sada Anand Singh Khalsa

And one other short thing. I suppose you can't stop as I assuming this is how you make your money/are supported by those who want to bring him down, A pawn in the game, possibly, you with your white sikh credentials. I love you brother. Sometime we will meet again.

Lama Lilan Po Ph.D.

Re: Don't be negative, ji!

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It's clear Sada Anand Singh hasn't read Sikh Free Press or even looked at Elandra Merideth and Antion Vikram Singh's contributions.

Gursant Singh and Sada Anand Singh knew each other pretty well. They were friends. Gursant Singh dumped the dharma and Sada Anand Singh is still stuck inside. Not surprisingly, Sada Anand Singh attacks Gursant Singh and the former Vikrams because addressing the facts they've illuminated is impossible.

At least Sada Anand Singh is nudging up against reality, as painful as it is for him after dedicating his life to Bhajan. It's easier to understand his difficulty with the truth than the weird defense of Bhajan that comes off the spiritual name customers, et al.


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"Don't be negative ji!" is something disciples NEVER say to their Masters. Too bad, because geez(!), popular Holy men can sure dish out the catty gossip, and angry displays, with curses!

You think Yogi Bhajan spewed negativity and crudity better than the other Holy men?

Well, you are right! He probably did.

But, here is Rajneesh/Osho (from one of his anceint texts, circa the late 70s) talking trash about Muktananda and Yogi Bhajan! Obviously Rajneesh/Osho simply couldn't compete with YB in the area of raw and crude displays of "negativity" - but Rajneesh does share such interesting gossipy trash - made extra poignant and powerful because it is probably all true! The BEETCH!


Philosophia Ultima
Chapter 15
Truth as it is - Naked
Question 2

The man (Muktananda ) was so flat, just like a flat tire, nothing in him, nothing of any worth, not even junk. And it was not only apparent to me: one of my disciples, a woman follower, Nirmala Srivastava, was with me - even she could see, even she proved to be far more intelligent than Muktananda. We stayed only fifteen minutes; it was a sheer wastage of time. And the moment our car moved away, Nirmala told me, "This man is absolutely common, very ordinary. Why did you waste your time? - even fifteen minutes is an unnecessary wastage!"

I looked at her, and immediately I knew that some idea had entered into her head - and it had entered. The idea was: "If such a fool like Muktananda can become a saint, then why can't I become a saint?" And the idea worked out well. Now Nirmala Srivastava is a great saint, is traveling around the world, having many devotees. That day it transpired, looking at Muktananda. Now she is 'Her Holiness, the World Mother - Jagajjanani - Mataji, Nirmalaji Deviji Srivastavaji.' Now she has many followers, doing the same thing that Muktananda is doing - raising people's kundalini. Once she could see that this fool can raise people's kundalini, then "Why can't I raise it?" And she is certainly far more intelligent than Muktananda, far more capable, far more skillful, far more intellectual. Muktananda is not a saint. But this has not happened only once.

You must have heard of the name Yogi Bhajan. In America he has many followers; he has turned many American fools into sardars. He preaches the Sikh religion; he is the head of the Sikh religion for the Western hemisphere. And do you know what he was? He was just a porter at the Delhi airport.

But what happened to Nirmala Srivastava happened to him too. His name was Sardar Haribhajan Singh. Muktananda came to Delhi airport with his followers, and this porter was simply carrying his luggage. He looked at this man; he said, "If this fool can lead, then what is wrong with me?" And of course Sardar Haribhajan Singh is a taller man, healthier, more robust, and far more intelligent. He immediately escaped to America, became Yogi Bhajan, and gathered a big following.

Just a few days ago he was in Delhi, and one of the highest authorities of the airport told Laxmi, "I was passing through the Taj Mahal Hotel in New Delhi - I had gone to see some friend - and I saw on the lawn there a very saintly man surrounded by many Americans. I asked, 'Who is this man?' and I was told that he is a great guru, Yogi Bhajan. I thought he must be a great yogi, otherwise how can you get such a gathering?" This man felt happy because he is also a sardar, and Yogi Bhajan has made all these people sardars; they were all sitting around him with turbans and kirpans. He was very happy.

When he was passing by this crowd of Yogi Bhajan's people - Yogi Bhajan seems to be really a good man, a simple man - he said, "Hey boss!" This officer could not believe that he was calling him, so he thought he must be calling somebody else: "How can such a great mahatma say, 'Hey boss!' to me?" So he went on.

He again shouted, "Hey boss!" so he turned back. Yogi Bhajan took him inside his suite in the Taj Mahal, closed the doors and said, "Have you forgotten your poor porter, Sardar Haribhajan Singh? I am Sardar Haribhajan Singh and nobody else. Have your forgotten your poor servant?"

Then he remembered. But he said, "How did this happen? How did you become such a great mahatma?"

He said, "It is due to Muktananda. When I saw Muktananda I said, 'If this fool can get a following, then what is wrong with me? Why should I go on wasting my time being a porter at Delhi airport?' Now I am the head of the Sikh religion in the Western hemisphere. I have thousands of followers. But," he said, "to you, I say that I am simply the same man - I know nothing. But these people are greater fools than I am."

And you can always find greater fools than you are. The world abounds in them.
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Re: Don't be negative, ji!

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My husband Ken wrote this. It is a chant, best when sung or recited outloud.

Negativity Chant

I ain't not never ever, not no never, ain't never not never gonna not be negative,

I ain't never ever, not no, ain't never ever no not never gonna not be negative.

I ain't ever not no never ever never ain't never not no gonna not be negative;

I ain't no never ever not never no not never ever ever gonna not be negative!


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Bhajanists think/believe that X-Bhajanists are "negative" but they don't even know the half of it. I read X-Bhajanist's writings and I submit that we are horrified and disgusted and sickened and negative. At times we are meta-negative, mind bendingly negative, revolted and self righteously negative. And snide. Catty. Angry too.

But, I would also suggest that X-Bhajanists are sincerely relieved, grateful and happy (insert music of the celestial spheres here) that we got away from these strange people and icky doings. That is so positive! We divorced ourselves from organized crime and cult mind control. Honestly! Good for us.

Also, of course, like duh...X-Bhajanists may also be super positive about being X-members because it is torturously embarrassing to watch these people do their THANG.

Shocking and heartbreaking - but often funny as well.

Here is an example of X-Bhajanists being "negative", even nasty. I personally think we should delete and rewrite this review of Gurumukh Kaur Khalsa's "Breath of Fire" video. I invite you ( I challenge you! Even double dog dare you!) to watch the video linked below and post a far more "positive", far less bitter and nasty, response (while keeping it honest and true, but of course).

From 2007:

From: RoseLotus1 4/6/07

Check out this Peyote Trip video. Notice the colors swirling and Gurumukh Kaur Khalsa's angelic voice. They appear to be effortless holding their arms up, don't they?


From: blazingrace 4/8/07
To: RoseLotus1

OMG why the piggie grunt noises when they were doing breath of fire? I'm assuming it was the backround percussion noises as I don't ever remember that discusting grunting sound ever in groups of people doing breath of fire!

From: antibhajan 4/9/07
To: RoseLotus1

that's the stuff they used to put on the discovery channel, remember.

i don't see the hindu gods/goddess' statutes she used to have strewn about the yards. she's the one w/the 6 ft gilded ganesh statute in her front foyer.

she touts, 'see how young i look'. hey babe quit kidding yourself, you look your age. you look as if you been swimming, too long in the water...dried up...more like 'preserved'

sorry... i really can't stand her monotone voice.

dhan singh

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