What did Yogi Bhajan eat?

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What did Yogi Bhajan eat?

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stardreamer writes in the Did Yogi Bhajan ever practice Kundalini Yoga? thread:

You read my mind, I often ponder this myself! He certainly never looked like a yogi,except
when he was younger and had a higher metabolism. I wonder what he ate? Any 40 day cleanses?
I think it is safe to say he rarely, if ever, practiced what he preached!!

But he was head and shoulders above the regiment he prescribed for us mere mortals!! Did he drink alcohol in secret?

Dear stardreamer,

This is a subject that we know SO much about!

Did he drink alcohol in secret?

Not that anyone knows of, but I myself have seen a whole nutmeg placed on YB's dinner tray, for three days in a row, late 1980s.


Re: What did Yogi Bhajan eat?

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WARNING: Bad poetry.

Overeating - A Poem by Yogi Bhajan

My dear flexible beautiful children,

The future and hope of tomorrow.

You will have values,

You will have technology,

You will have victory over sorrows.

But one thing you have to learn today,

And you have to listen really good!

You have one enemy which is the greatest maya

In the habitat of these tranquil woods—

It is eating more and being overweight.

It is the test of the tongue.

It is death's bait.

Simple mung beans cooked and done well

Are the messengers of health.

And they are really swell.

But all this cheese and heavy food

Makes you ugly and habitually rude.

All those candies and chocolates make you insane.

I am telling you to clean your slate.

Be conscious of what you put on your plate.

You've got to live and you've got to be strong.

Overeating is ugly, so break its bond.

My arteries clogged.

My heart nearly stopped.

But intuition in time made death drop.

I eat my mung beans and my cornbread.

I feel very good and very clear in my head.

Never go over your gluco-weight.

One ounce extra is death's bait.

Listen to me dear ones, and listen to me well,

Simple cornbread and mung beans are swell.

Steamed vegetables and all the fruits,

Good fresh nuts and some good roots.

There are some herbs which can curb,

And nail the message of death

And put it to an end.

Eating less and feeling light will make you bright.

And it's a beautiful trend.

These are the Guru's words I am sharing.

Lying flat on my back, I am very caring.

For the future, for your today and tomorrow:

Eat no junk and don't be a punk,

And you will have no sorrow.

Alap ahar sulap see nindra daya chima tan preet.

Guru Gobind Singh clearly tells us how to eat and how to sleep.

Moderation in habits, my dear ones,

Is what has been decreed.

Light eating, light sleeping,

So in life you can succeed.

Furthermore, loving God's creation,

Give kindness and forgiveness without hesitation.

You are what you eat; it's been said many times.

And you have to be careful what you feed your mind.

Stay cool and content so you can transcend

The squirrel cage of maya and make God your friend.

Control of the mind is easy to do

When your diet consists of what's good for you.

"Eat to live, don't live to eat"

Is ancient wisdom, nothing new.

Lust and anger, ego and greed.

Stubbornness and attachment, unhappiness breed.

To see the essence of your soul and experience God within,

Pull your mind above those five passions,

And let your Consciousness win.

When you're young is the time to begin.

Get a head start,

So when you get to be fifty-seven

You won't have to worry about your heart.

You've got to live and you've got to be strong.

Overeating is ugly, so break its bond.

© The Teachings of Yogi Bhajan

From The Game of Love


Re: What did Yogi Bhajan eat?

Post by Archivist1 »

Yogi Bhajan was psycho bananas about food. He was addicted to diet colas, and his sneakier students hid candy in the bottom of his popcorn when YB was at the movies (several times a week). His secretaries were always trying to keep him on his regimes and diets but they failed, and it was their fault, of course.

Yogi Bhajan became a raging diabetic, with heart disease, and kidney failure. He received a East Indian kidney transplant in Spring 2004 in an attempt to put off meeting his Maker. He died 6 months after the transplant.

FASTING and other hard Sadhanas

From: ROSELOTUS1 Jan-1. 2003

Thankfully I didn't ever live in Washington DC or Boston or LA or Hawaii in the 70s, where sleep deprivation, fasting and working 60 plus hour weeks were combined brutally. No wonder we were having mystical experiences!

Still even living in smaller, cozier looser 3HO ashrams during the 70s, I was always fasting and I was placed on "silence" a lot. These were disciplines that were given to me by YB or by Heads of Ashrams that I freely agreed to because I was 18 and idealist and madly trying to improve myself.

When I entered 3HO I had this big mouth and I seemed to have this great knack for mentioning over the dinner table the subjects the group was avoiding. (Still have this problem.) I had been raised on a university campus where stimulating conversation and creative debate were enjoyed in excess.

So, in attempt to reform myself, for the first year I was in 3HO I practiced the following routine:

M-F I was silent upon rising and through breakfast. I could talk while at work, of course. I could also speak while teaching KY classes in the evenings. Then I was silent until bedtime (though my X-husband and I used to cheat and talk in our room some).

Sat. I could talk all day.

Sun. I was on silence all day.

Now again, I was fasting as well and doing lots of Kundalini Yoga - not at 4am sadhana, but because I was teaching so many classes. Of course the very traits that the 3HO cult was so eager to stomp out in me were wonderful when used for cult induction. I was open-heartedly innocently in LOVE with the whole 3HO experience. I was a natural showboater, more comfortable the bigger the classes got. I made my students work and kept them working harder by being completely inspiring and motivating and FUNNY. I made it my duty to get everyone in my classes as HIGH as possible and they loved it and I loved it. I was in heaven.

Hey, here I was at age 18 being a teacher, a healer, a magician and drama queen. No wonder I dropped out of college.

Yet I couldn't talk about any of this with anyone because I was on silence. And even though I was attending, but then sleeping through, every 4am sadhana, I wasn't getting enough ZZzzzz. I was exhausted and starting to feel unhealthy.

In hindsight I can see that I was a messed up 18 year old girl, with natural performance art and/or teaching-preaching gifts, with an eating disorder. I'd see YB twice or three times a year and stand in line and ask him for another diet. I was 125lbs and he said I should weigh 103lbs. I felt fat and ugly, except when I was teaching Kundalini Yoga and could completely "forget myself".

From: JCESINGH Jan-6-2003

WaheGuruji Ka Khalsa WaheGuruji Ki Fateh

What is this about fasting? Is this something 3HO are expected to do?


From: ROSELOTUS1 Jan-6-2003

Greetings John Singh,
Nice to hear from you as always.

Yes, especially in the 70s most of us in 3HO tried various "monodiets". YB loved to prescribe food cures for people. The standard fasts, or mono-diets, were 40 days of steamed beets, or 40 days of steamed zukes, or maybe steamed celery. I did the P-Fruit and yogurt diet for 90 days once. This means I ate nothing except fruits the begin with the letter P and plain yogurt. That's right, Pears, Pineapple, Plums, Persimmons, and Peaches! YB used to say that P Fruit makes you pee - but he said the same thing about Diet Coke too!

I remember one single man who, while on a steamed zuke fast, had his whole mouth break out with wall to wall cankor sores! We just told him to "keep up" - he was clearly cleansing!

From: KIRPALSINGH Jan-7-2003

I was in the Espanola ashram in 1973 when Wha Guru Singh decided that the entire place would go on a beet fast using only the beets that were grown in the fields.
About 1pm on the first day we ran out of beets...

From: ROSELOTUS1 Jan-7-2003

Food and Your Mental Attitude - www. sikhnet.com
Yogi Bhajan says:

Food is not which makes you healthy nor keeps you alive. Food also constitutes your mental attitude. Food is responsible for your mental attitude. Exercise is responsible for your nervous response. You are with me? If your attitude and your nervous response is not what you are, then you are not a human being. You have a body, look, structure, and right of vote of a human being, but you are not. What are those two things I said?

(Class responds: Food is responsible for your mental attitude. Exercise is responsible for your nervous response.)

Yah, nervous response. Nerve response, they call it. Nerve response. And food is for mental attitude. Write it down. Mental attitude plus nerve response is what you can achieve in life. And this depends on food. Are you with me?

From: xguruneel 3/22/03
In Salem approx 1979 the men were encouraged to go on a raw zuchinni fast for 2 wks, the end being male potency and cleansing. I was babysitting a newborn and cooking lunches for the health food distributorship. Thus there was less stress for me than for the other guys who tried it. (Only four or five) I could only get down about 1/2 of a single zuch per day, so it was essentially a water fast. I was the only one who finished, and lost about 30 pounds. I don't remember being any more potent (being single, how could I). There wasn't any more noticable kundalini being transferred from the lower energy states either. But I DO remember breaking the fast with a strawberry shortcake dessert. BIG mistake. Hives city. The one and only time I ever got 'em.


Re: What did Yogi Bhajan eat?

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From: ROSELOTUS1 Feb-5-2002

I was really into cooking while in Bhajanism but I was never even allowed anywhere near YB's food when he was around. I fed the masses, instead, downstairs in the main dining hall.

After seeing YB completely publically shame a Sister in Monterey, saying that she had tried to poison him with her bad vibes while preparing his food, I never wanted to cook for YB. She had been working so hard! There was nothing wrong with the food.

At least the Bhajanist peasants I was slaving for downstairs were appreciative of my efforts.

From: SNOOPYKHALSA Feb-8-2002

One thing I do remember about cooking for SSS (Yogi Bhajan) is that he would always be asking where his food was. That would make me want to hurry up of course. Then he of course would yell at you if it wasn't quite hot enough.

Also, we got the great idea of rewarming his chapatis in the microwave to be able to serve them faster, but unfortunately they did turn into cardboard.

Anyway, you're right, just like anything else around him, cooking was always a pressured affair. Every meal was supposed to be an epiphany and he never wanted to wait. Wow, I wish someone would cook for me like that.

Also, for many years he did put himself on strange diets with all sorts of mixtures of strong herbs in his food, supposedly for medicinal purposes. Some of the stuff we made for him was downright discusting, but he asked for it and ate it. Most food though was supposed to be gourmet quality.

From: SATSELF Feb-8-2002

I remember all the ruckus that would start about a month before YB came to the ashram for a tantric course. Frenzied amounts of cleaning and scrubbing. Repairs to things that had been falling apart all year.

The food scene was the most intense. Everything had to be 'perfect' and rarely was good enough. One of our main cooks, a temperamental Italian woman, would take up residence in the kitchen for a week. One visit after all her hard (and heartfelt) work, YB sent her food back saying that her she had ruined it with her 'anger'. She was crushed. Come to think of it there was a lot of carryout that visit. The cook's energy is bad---good excuse to pig out.

One of the favorite treats at one point was croissants. Also fresh mozarella and bagels. I remember two kitchen sevadars were sent out into the cold and snow late one November night to find corn on the cob--enough for YB and the entire entourage. They came back with bags full of frozen Green Giant corn on the cob.

From: SNOOPYKHALSA Feb-8-2002

Frozen Green Giant corn,,,,it serves them right!!!!!

I remember one Ashram where I lived actually went out and rented furniture for Yogi Bhajan's visit.

Also, the amount of pigging out on key lime pies, and yes, croissants, chocolate and otherwise, bagels, baked goods, things that I can't even remember because I never could have partaken myself, during Winter solstice was amazing. I worked at the ashram one year instead of going to the site. I can promise you that the idea of following any sort of solstice diet while people are freezing at the siye was one big joke. One year even SSS commented on the excess that was occurring. (Not that he wasn't ever part of it, it just worried him I think that so many people had gotten in on the act).


Re: What did Yogi Bhajan eat?

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Such wonderful stories,thank you!

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