Kundalini Crack

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Kundalini Crack

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Kundalini Crack

From: RoseLotus1 9/11/12

Occasionally current Kundalini Yoga students post here, sharing how KY has cured them of drug addiction and the like. Their devotion to KY is as strong as ours was, back in the early 1970s when we also used KY to kick drugs. Unfortunately KY stimulates internal drugs, it gets you very high. It leads you into daily crazy practice, huffing and puffing, and into cult mind control. I call it Kundalini Crack.


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From: RoseLotus1 9/14/12

Yogi Bhajan never did Kundalini Yoga but he was clearly high on Kundalini Crack.

In 1990, at a lecture in Los Angeles Yogi Bhajan said, in part:

"Scientific translation which will be understood 2,000 years from now, is that the molecule in the atomic vibration of effectiveness into the possibility of that magnetic magnitude, in which it creates its own vibration and frequency to which the reality exists. In that reality if the competence is created to make a solitude nucleus in which your own atomic self can inter-react to that possibility and counter the geneology of the entire self being, then all the prosperity and reality shall be yours.... "

Talking like this is what you get after years of too much Kundalini Crack. Take for instance Harijiwan (Jr), the great Master of Kundalini Yoga and convicted crook. On his website he says:

Nines are potent energetic symbols of completion. When we encounter a nine our mind, conditioned by collective archetypal influences, orients toward completion of whatever force is dominating our awareness.

On a polarity planet, like Earth, you can direct the negative side of this process and use nines to install complete perceptual programs, which direct the mind to edit and sort reality based on the parameters of the installed program.

Vibrating beneath the master number eleven are cosmic forces that fuse consciousness and intelligence.

A sophisticated morphogenetic fear program was installed in the global electromagnetic field on 9-11, eleven years ago. The architects and perpetrators of this event were very successful projecting into the planetary holographic consciousness an amplified fear pattern designed to perpetuate separation and polarization that has been pervasively and continuously experienced since then day by day by the vast majority of the world’s population.

Kundalini Crack mkaes you crazy like a fox too, and arrogant, clearly. Who installed the fear program?


Re: Kundalini Crack

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From: RoseLotus1 9/14/12

Wrote this about Kundalini Crack as I was leaving Bhajanism and leaving my life as a Kundalini Yoga instructor:

I am a Kundalini Yoga teacher and this is what I have to say about it.
Kundalini Yoga raises a bunch of energy in the body and you get this zippy
zap thing going all over the place-ooooo, eeeeee, weeeee!

There is some healthy fun to be explored here.

But if you are lucky, one day it dawns on your awareness, "Uh....energy for

Then you might have to admit that you have been into Kundalini Yoga to
experience being all wizzy and dazzling inside, as your aim and goal (in all
these peak experiences....that never sustain...like a drug....you have to
come DOWN).

I used Kundalini Yoga to help me get out of my body, have great mystic highs
and visions of better places. I didn't want to be here on this planet.
Kundalini Yoga was a warm Brandy for the fact that I didn't like living on
this planet in these times.

Then my friend Rahima told me how the Sufis teach that if we just OPEN OUR
HEARTS then all the "chakras" will take care of themselves, coming
into harmony and balance. That is when I remembered that Guru Nanak said something like that too.

Enlightenment is about LOVE- not getting high, having mystical visions,
entering new dimensions. And Sikhs don't like all that sort of woo woo woo
woo stuff.

Guru Nanak said that "The highest religion is the Sisterhood/Brotherhood
of humankind." Does heavy breathing and bubbling blood help that? Or
talking to entities beyond the beyond? Do they forward this great purpose?

If your religious practices help you to set LOVE as PATH- then do these
practices. But if you awaken your Kundalini Serpent and he just takes you
away from this Earth, flying through the sky- well you are deluded and
betrayed. You are simply addicted to Yoga-elixir. Being crazy. Seek help,

From: RoseLotus1 9/14/12

Perhaps the best known Kundalini Yoga Master is Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa. She is another excellent example of the ravishes of long term use of Kundalini Crack.
Here is a You Tube of Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa Channeling Jupiter


Re: Kundalini Crack

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Is yoga a drug?

From: GuruBlokhead Feb-25-2014

We all know that certain activities have addictive qualities; not just food, chocolate, caffeine and so on, but also non-ingesting behaviours like sex, gambling, video games, the internet.

Yoga stimulates the production of endorphins; natural opiates that make you feel good. After yoga, one is enjoying the circulation of chemicals in the brain somewhat similar to mild amounts of morphine, heroin and so on.

We have also heard of people getting addicted to 'runners high' – same thing.

And what if, like some people talk about dope all the time they are high, others talk about spirituality?

Looking back, I often felt at the time that my problems were not so significant after a yoga set. I felt courageous, capable of weathering any storm. This was good in terms of 'positive self image', but it did me no good - I would even say it did me harm - to gloss over the pressing economic situation in which I found myself with the lack of stable relationships outside 3HO. Listening to YB, believing in a helpful God who would assist me, did me absolutely no good, as I was eventually to discover.

I wonder if the practice of yoga is itself a habit that encourages self-deluding notions, rather like dope. It occurs to me I was using yoga as an anti-depressant. Cheaper than pharmaceuticals!

From: RoseLotus1 Feb-25-2014

I might make a distinction between "yoga" and "Kundalini Yoga" which I personally think does lead to what some of us call Kundalini Crack addiction.

From: AriD4 Feb-25-2014

Hi GB,

My belief is that there was an overemphasis on living in the realm of spirit, the 'higher self', and a willful disregard of conditions of everyday life. There might have been elements of meditative practice, etc., which were addictive, but the cultural overlay/emphasis on disregarding the "world" figured in also. One doesn't *really* need to live in an ashram, take an eclectic name, and wear distinctive clothing to practice yoga or have a meditation practice; the cultural factors kept and reinforced certain kinds of illusions.

From: SatSelf Feb-25-2014

I agree that the SD/3ho cultural context was what shaped many people's behavior and choices of what to do with their non-yoga time.

I think it's very possible that, if a person does a lot of spiritual practice of any kind, it can disengage them from the 3-D world. In some Zen communities, there are long retreats that can cause dis-identification to such a degree that the meditators are watched over and protected during this time.

If a person wants a life like that, it's good to prepare for it by being financially independent and not having others who rely on you.

From: GuruBlokhead Feb-26-2014

I had a non-3HO friend in her late 20s whose husband died after a short illness in hospital. She was a hatha yoga practitioner. Shortly after the death she increased her practice of yoga to such an extent that acquaintances started making comments about it.

I'd like to refine my point. Is yoga - apart from the cultural ramifications - addictive as a chemical addiction? In my case, and in hers, it seems the answer is yes.

It is well-known that a lot of yoga practitioners, in their past, have been using various types of dope. Could it be that yoga is a new substitute? (Like switching to methadone to get yourself off of smack?)

From: SatSelf Feb-26-2014

I'm sorry, I didn't mean to sound like I was disagreeing. I think you're right that yoga affects the neuro-endocrine system causing various physical, emotional and state change affects that could become addictive. I never did it well enough to experience that, but it certainly seems like some people get addicted to it. Athletes sometimes have the same problem--a friend of mine got addicted to running to the point that her body fat was so low her period stopped and she was in danger of getting osteoporosis. She was forced to stop due to a serious injury and she went into a depression.

From: GuruBlokhead Feb-27-2014

An anti-depressant! But its not like that when you start. All these young people that come along to yoga are not there for the SD/3HO part. They are there for the buzz. The energy. I loved yoga when I first started. I was on cloud nine for a year and had no problems with sadhana - loved all of it. It was this that got me further involved. Little did I know.

From: bhajbuster Feb-27-2014

Purely an impressionistic opinion, perhaps you share it: The American sangat had a heavy dose of experience with mind-altering substances -- specifically LSD -- that the European contingent, for the most part, did not.

From: SatSelf Feb-27-2014

Good point.

I personally never did anything heavier than pot, but that was enough to change my brain substantially. Many 3hoers I knew had years of hallucinogenic substances affecting them.

I hear that from a lot of people--that KY is a high. It's so funny because I always hated KY--it was too intense for me. So I missed out on the high, while also getting the wonderful side effect of feeling inferior because I didn't seem to be "getting it." Oy.

From: RoseLotus1 Feb-28-2014

Indeed, what bhajbuster said, is an interesting insight. Probably 90%, maybe more, of the people who created Bhajanism in the 1970s used KY as a substitute for LSD/mescaline/shrooms. We experienced our first Kundalini rushes from these drugs. We were followers of Ram Das, Tim Leary, and wow, the head of the SF ashram was formerly the road manager for the Grateful Dead and we had our own famous acid rock star member and so forth. YB attracted people ready to give up LSD (and pot but pot wasn't as big a deal, of course). YB led us to believe that through KY we would never have to come down. He used to talk about how he had to teach us this really extreme kind of yoga to get us off of LSD. He sold the Kundalini Yoga lifestyle, (lots of KY and meditation, a low protein diet with fasting, lots of hard physical work, and sleep deprivation) as a psychedelic substitute - and damn, it worked! For a spell at least.

From: SatSelf Feb-28-2014

Wow, so many Bhajanists had a different experience than mine. No wonder I often have a different perspective.

From: bhajbuster Mar-1-2014

Do you recall when Gursant was flabbergasted to learn that there were ex-acidheads in SD/3HO? He lived in the Eugene ashram so it is one of his more unforgettable statements.

From: RoseLotus1 Mar-2-2014

I was always very aware of Bhajanists around me who had never taken LSD. Funny thing about taking LSD was that you could so easily tell who had also taken it, and who hadn't, and who was pretending to have taken it. Wasn't magic. Consider these three examples of music from 1965/1966:

Bobby Vee was nice, normal,straight - though he was being super radical in this video, singing to "girls" of many colors in 1965!


Meanwhile the Grateful Dead really were taking acid in 1966:


And also in 1966 the German group, The Lords, were pretending to have taken LSD:


Of these three examples, the Grateful Dead circa 1966 seems kind of normal in 2014. The others, not so much.

LSD changed everything, permanently, always seems to me.

From: Narayan Star Mar-3-2014

This thread reminds me of one of my favorite Cheech and Chong quotes.I listened to their albums as a teenager.

"I used to be all messed up on drugs,until I found the Lord...now I'm all messed up on the Lord!!"

From: Narayan Star Mar-3-2014

well, I've been through the desert on a horse with no name...

From: RoseLotus1 Mar-4-2014

well, I've been through the desert on a horse with no name...

And what a long strange trip it has been!

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