You Know You're in the Sikh Dharma/3HO Cult When.......

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You Know You're in the Sikh Dharma/3HO Cult When.......

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You Know You're in the Sikh Dharma/3HO Cult When.......
by Snoopy

1.. The "K" pages of your phone book are all filled up, and the rest of
the book is empty.

2.. When you hear "Mere Mone Loche", and you can only think of Yogi Bhajan and sitting at his feet, not the Guru.

3.. When you decide to stay at an Ashram for your honeymoon, so you can be closer to sadhana, rather than go to a fancy hotel.

4.. When the only real vacation you've taken in 20 yrs. is Summer Solstice and Tantric courses.

5.. When you're seriously worried that you forgot to put pepper on your watermelon.

6.. When your daughter's dolls have turbans on them.

7.. When all of your son's animals also have turbans on them.

8.. When the only music that you own comes from Golden Temple recordings.

9.. When you can't figure out why Yogi Bhajan doesn't run for President or something really big.

10.. When underneath you're hoping that your child gets a relatively normal name, but act really happy when his name is Guru Something, or Yogi Bir, or has four syllables.

11.. You think that most people who aren't in your group are alcoholics, drug addicts, or neurotic. (Unless ofcourse, they're friends with Yogi Bhajan.)

l2.. The only thing you can remember about your past are the painful parts.

13.. When even though you don't believe in superstition or faith healers, you just spent $200 to have your horoscope read by the best astrologer, and had some guy do psychic surgery on you.

14.. You wonder how it is that you can have a health problem when you know you've done everything just right like you were supposed to.

15. When you believe that when your teacher gets sick it's your fault, and when you get sick, it's your fault as

16.. When you have just completed 120 days of a prosperity meditation, but you still don't have a job. You know it's working though, because you just found $20 in the pocket of a coat that you didn't even know you had.
17.. You just sold your car so you can get to Solstice this year.

18.. You are thinking about selling your house for the same reason.

19.. You baked 200 cookies to sell at Winter Solstice. You end up hawking them in the parking lot for enough gas to get home. Instead of staying overnight in a hotel for a two day drive, you use your last few dollars to buy a chocolate bar to keep you awake so you can drive straight through because you don't have enough money for a hotel room.

20.. When the only way you can really like people is to think of them as Khalsa or potential Khalsa.

21.. When you do your two and a half hours of sadhana, your 5 banis, your evening meditation, and you wonder if you're doing enough. Plus you feel bad because you need more time for seva and karma yoga.

22.. Even your nightgowns are white.

23.. When you throw out your favorite flannel shirt, because it's "not good for your aura".

24.. When even though you might think that someone looks good in a deep red shirt, you don't even let your self want it.

25.. You think all the other groups just like yours are cults, but not yours.

26.. You think all the other groups just like yours don't ask enough of their students. You're better, because you have to do even more than them.

27.. All the stuff that you used to think was so you're doing too.

28.. When you told your self that you would never bow down to a human being, and you just touched your teacher's feet.

29.. You don't care who understands and who doesn't.

30.. When you would actually think about sending your child away to a third world country at age 7, for the rest of his or her childhood and adolescence. And the one reason for this is so they won't rebel against you, and you can be really close.

31.. When you wouldn't trust your mother to make dinner for you, but you would trust these people with your own child.

32.. You find it easier to forgive your friend's husband for cheating on his marriage, abandoning his children, and stealing all her money, than to forgive her for cutting her hair and taking the children away to care for.

Let's see....You know you're really in Sikh Dharma/3ho when....You get to iron SSS's (Yogi Bhajan's) underwear!


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Ken Jan 2001:


Humbly, Ken

PS I hope someone starched it good!

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