The BIGGEST SCAM in 3HO, Kundalini Yoga & Sikh Dharma...

Why did we fall for it? Physical, psychological and sexual abuse in 3HO...
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The BIGGEST SCAM in 3HO, Kundalini Yoga & Sikh Dharma...

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... is 3HO, Kundalini Yoga and Sikh Dharma -AKA- "Bhajanism" itself!

From: PAPAAVTAR Dec-4 2005

Here's a thread I think we can all contribute to. Based on the lessons we have learned from our 3HO (and X-3HO) experiences, we should be able to write the book on how to run the holy man scam. There are probably something like 108 easy lessons. I'll start off with a few. Please join in.

1. Claim that your organization is really the "true" form of an already recognized legitimate religion. This not only grants immediate credibility, but also provides significant tax breaks.

2. Say that you have come to create teachers, not disciples. Teach your "students" to act like disciples. Encourage them to go out and teach other "students" how to act like disciples.

From: IPRAYZGOD Dec-5 2005

3. Say one thing on on one occasion, and the opposite on another occasion.
Which dovetails with

4.Claim that your organization and what it teaches is NOT a religion, when it is expediant, for it to appeal to those who are opposed to being part of a religion.

5. Be sure nobody REALLY can logically follow any of your trains of thought or speechs.

From: XXXXXX Dec-5 2005

6. Take someone who has been totally screwed by other con artists and tell them that you are going to take care of that person and make up for all the injustices done to them by other con artists. Tell them I know you have lost your son but I will give you many sons and daughters. After winning this persons trust totally, they look up to the cult leader with admiration and set the stage for others to adore the cult leader. Give this person a title "Mother of the Dharma" and make sure no one ever says anything bad about this person while you are alive.

7. Now you are a religion, right off everything. Have your members start some ashrams and put them in the name of your organization or your secretaries names.

8. Start a tithing of 10% into your organization.

9. Start a Gurdakshna of 11% for all the teachers of the scam.

10.Give yourself a hugh important sounding title, like S.S.S..

11. Also come up with something very esoteric, like Mahan Tantric.

12. Use some good old love bombing to get some new cult members.

13. Keep them on their toes by doing outrageous things.

14. Say you have special powers and can see what they had for breakfast, no less, all their past lives.

15. To get people to stay committed to you, have mass arranged marriages.

16. Teach higher principles, get your students to trust you completely and then take advantage of them.

17. Give your followers titles like Singh Sahib and MSS.

18. Create a Council to self govern your organization but never ever let them pass or inact any laws. Always come in at the end of the session and tell them they are wrong and shame them and pass your own decrees.

19. Make sure that your lectures are transcribed and made into books. People believe what they read.

20. Create some made up myths like Khalsa will rise in the West.

From: IPRAYZGOD Dec-6 2005

21. Take a picture of yourself and tell your followers to put it in their rooms, and say that you can watch everything they do by psychically projecting thru that picture.

From: Roselotus: 2005

22. Have people work for long brutal hours for free and call it "seva".

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