Guru Tej Singh of Toronto Open Letter from 1988

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Lama Lilan Po Ph.D.

Guru Tej Singh of Toronto Open Letter from 1988

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This is culled from the Wacko World Archives. It is re-posted here for a friend who lived in the Toronto ashram in the 1980s and ran afoul of M.S.S. Guru Tej Singh Khalsa, now known as Tej Steiner.

The letter was sent to "The Siri Singh Sahib/Yogi Bhajan" in March of 1988:
[intro by Roselotus...]
"Here is some of Guru Tej's open letter to the SSS. As you all probably
know YB sent a "Punj" of bodyguards to talk to Guru Tej about his
"faith" and threaten him. So MSS Guru Tej sending this letter to every
Ashram everywhere as he was exiting 3HO was a very brave act.
It is dated March 25, 1988."
[The letter reads:]
- A little over two years ago I went through the most traumatic and
painful experience in my life. I called Premka after she had moved to
Hawaii and asked why she had left the Dharma. When she told me her
allegations against you, I felt like I had just swallowed a bomb that
went off inside me. I couldn't find anything in her voice that
suggested that she was lying. I tried to shut out what I heard but
something within me wouldn't allow this.

Later, when I heard Kate's story, I felt too much pain within her to
write it off as "pure fabrication".

When I talked to you about what both women had told me, you mainly
spoke of how mentally sick they were. When I felt sick inside at your
response I went deeper into my own confusion.

I lived in hell for the next six months due to my unwillingness to
reconcile what I had believed for sixteen years and what I was now
sensing. Then, more personally, as I looked back over the years I was
aware of my own bewilderment abnd disagreement about the way we had
been organized hierarchically in Sikh Dharma. I never understood the
seemingly feudal system of organization in which most temporal affairs
of the Dharma seemed controlled by you with little imput or consensus
participation from the rest of us.

So for these past two years I have felt split inside, a lot of
internal tearing and self-doubt, for how could I ever entertain the
possibility that you, my spiritual teacher and model for truth, are
not telling the truth about Premka and Kate: yet this is what I was

If I tried to talk to anyone in the family about this possibility I
seemed to threaten them as if they needed to believe in you, so I
avoided any real dialogue about this. Who am I to temper with someone
else's need to believe? For if I did, I would just end up with heresy
on my beard and treatment to various degrees of shunning.

I am aware that you or others may consider this letter itself to be
slanderous. That by saying all this openly, I'm in Shakti Padh, I'm
aiding the "enemy", or I have lost my faith.

This to me is dangerous, for when I don't share openly what my
thoughts and feelings are because I fear the consequences if I do,
then I die inside. So does any community that collectively fears
speaking out.

I finally had to write this open letter to you when I heard that
Gurujot had been arrested. Enough is enough and I've had enough of my
own self-doubt and hesitation.

I do know one thing from personal experience , and that is wherever
Gurujot went, he seemed to create around him a climate of secrecy and
intrique: so much so that it became a family joking.

I don't know what you encouraged him to do or not, but again, from my
experience you seemed to share that same secrecy and intrique when he
was around you. You had him partner with Al Ellis knowing Al's drug
background. You lived in their expensive quarters and experienced
their free flowing money. You encouraged them to travel to Thailand
together with Premka and Ram Das Kaur where the two men carried on
"business" while the women played kirtan. In general you gave GuruJot
licence to be secretive by creating for him the office of National
Affairs Advisor.

In the same way, when so many of our leaders left, like Lehri, Wha
Guru, Gurushabad, Premka, Gururaj, Guruliv etc we never openly
discussed either the reasons for their leaving or the impact their
leaving had on us organizationally and personally.

The irony is we often slandered them as they left. When Wha Guru left
it was because of some sort of "weird groups sex trips". Gurushabad
left supposedly because he wanted his father's liquor business. Premka
left because she was in her "second chakra".

How can we say we trust in you when we fear being in open dialogue
with people who don't? It's like believing we will be terminally
infected by their lack of faith: Some kind of spiritual AIDS.

From the former MSS Guru Tej Singh Khalsa

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