Guru Preet Singh's Murder

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Guru Preet Singh's Murder

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What the Eugene newspaper (Sept. 1986) reported about Guru Preet's murder:

Victim found in car trunk

Eugene (AP) - The body of a man was found in the trunk of a rental car at Mahlon Sweet Airport late Saturday afternoon, touching off a homicide investigation that continued Sunday.

Eugene police have not determined the identity of the man, who was clad in a yellow shirt and blue jeans and wearing a pager, by late Sunday.

Authorities said they did not know how he died. An autopsy was scheduled for Monday.

The car, with the body still in the trunk, was towed at dusk from the airport to an undisclosed location for further investigation.

The body was found shortly after 4pm by an unnamed employee of Budget Rent-A-Car of Eugene who went to check in a 1986 Mercury Cougar parked in the short-term parking and found the body when he opened the trunk.

Patricia Baldes, an employee of a cab and limosine service who saw the body later said: "He looked like he had been dragged somewhere. He had bruises on him. He looked pale, and like he had been there for a while."


Body in trunk of auto said that of drug dealer.

Eugene (AP) -
An affidavit filed by the detectives says homicide victim Peter Hutchings, whose body was found Sept. 13 stuffed in the trunk of a rental car, was a cocaine dealer.

Hutchings was reportedly in Eugene negotiating drug deals Sept 8, the day he was last reported seen alive, police have been told.

That was the day the rental car was first noticed in the Mahlon Airport parking lot and is apparently the day Hutchings was killed, according to court documents.

The information is part of an affidavit filed in Lane County District Court in support of a search warrant issued last week in the Bend area.

"We've talked to enough people who are substantiating rumors - that he was a drug dealer." Detective Sgt. Mike Cline said Tuesday. "I don't know if I'd say a major drug dealer, maybe a midrange dealer."

Asked whether police are convinced that Hutching's killing was drug related, Cline said, "I really can't say. It appears to be drug connected but why he was killed, we don't have a motive."

Police have no principle suspects at the point, he said.

Hutchings, 31, a former Eugene resident who moved to Hawaii about 6 months before his death, was shot once in the head. Police found a radio pager on his body.

The affidavits filed in support of a search warrant led to the arrest Oct. 14 of an acquaintance of Hutchings, James Clowe Bennet, who lives in Alfalfa, east of Bend.

Eugene police arrested Bennet on charges of possession of marijuana and cocaine. He posted $1500 bail the day of the arrest and was released from the Deschutes County Jail.

Although the affidavit states that police were seeking evidence of the crimes of murder and unlawful delivery of a controlled substance, police said after Bennet's arrest that he was not a "focal suspect" in the slaying.

According to court documents, a Eugene-area acquaintance of Hutchings told police that "he knew Peter Hutchings to be a major cocaine dealer. From time to time Mr. Hutchings used his apartment to complete drug deals," The man said he personally bought drugs from Hutchings for resale.

The acquaintance said Hutchings would visit Eugene for short periods and leave after he had made a number of drug deals. The acquaintance said Hutchings visited in late July and early September to transact drug business.

The man said Hutchings had a drug connection in Bend and told of seeing Hutchings with cash "in six digits" from drug transactions.

The acquaintance told police that "on Sept. 8, 1986, he left Mr. Hutchings at his residence while Mr. Hutchings was on the phone in what was described as a dope-oriented conversation, in which Mr. Hutchings was saying something about having to go somewhere in two hours and get something and meet in four hours to get that to someone else," the affidavit states.

Hutchings apparently made two phone calls to Bend Sept. 8 according to court records. He also made a 45 minute call to a friend in Salem who apparently was involved in the Sikh religion, as was Hutchings.


From: RoseLotus1 Posted by host 10/13/02

I was told back in 1992, when I was exiting 3HO, that the rental car had been hired by MSS Sat Kirpal Singh's son-in-law Gurushabad Singh. Sat Kirpal and Gurushabad Singh were innocent of criminal behavior, this I firmly believe, but they were heavily questioned by the police, you can imagine. They certainly have known the truth about the GuruJot Singh bust all along.

I was also told that Guru Preet Singh's 45 minute phone call to the Salem Ashram was made to GuruJot Singh.

Also notice how the Eugene newspaper protects the Eugne 3HO community, only mentioning that Hutchings was a Sikh in the very last sentence.


From: RoseLotus1 Posted by host 10/13/02

Oh! And the one shot to the head? Told it was a small bullet shot right through the third eye.


From: RoseLotus1 Posted by host 10/19/02

Here is some more information about Guru Preet Singh that I recorded in 1992 or so, after interviewing Deep Turban. Deep Turban told me:

1. That Guru Preet Singh was one of the former drug dealers who was trying to go straight when he became a Sikh, with the help of 3HO "technology".

2. GuruJot Singh was going to "teach" Guru Preet Singh about running a business but to raise capital to start this business, they needed to sell some more drugs.

3. Guru Preet Singh was found assasinated, bullet through the 3rd eye, in the trunk of a rental car in a Eugene airport.

4. The police talked to MSS Sat Kirpal Singh and other memebers of the Eugene sangat. They decided it was a drug related hit (hooked to the GuruJot bust).

5. A few weeks before his death, Guru Preet had been vacationing with Deep Turban. Deep Turban said that he had never seen anyone acting so frightened. Deep Turban confronted Guru Preet Singh, asking to be told what was going on. Guru Preet Singh said he was going to get killed, and then clammed up. Deep Turban did not take him literally.

6. A day or two later Deep Turban attempted to counsel Guru Preet Singh. Suspecting that Guru Preet Singh had returned to drug selling, Deep Turban brought up the subject and attempted to provide GuruPreet Singh with some honest "outs". Deep Turban tried to make Guru Preet Singh see that time in jail was much more positive than living in fear and the other possible consequences.

Mind you, Deep Turban was going on hunches and had no real evidence that Guru Preet Singh had gone off the wagon and was back into drug trafficking. Guru Preet Singh responded, "Why are you telling ME this?"

7. Guru Preet Singh fled the vacation early and next thing Deep Turban knew, he was dead.

8. Deep Turban went into a fog and didn't fully compute that what he knew might be important to the case until later.

In my notes I write, "This would seem ridiculous had I not experienced this same syndrome myself."

9. At another time, before the hit, GuruJot Singh offered Deep Turban a brand new yacht, and said he would donate 1 million dollars to the Dharma, if Deep Turban would take a boat into Miami for him.

Deep Turban declined.

10. Deep Turban remembers being approached by GuruJot Singh another time, where marijuana was actually mentioned, but the fog also came down. He only remembered this incident after he left 3HO.

GuruJot Singh also once bragged to Deep Turban that he had had a guy "hit" for raping an LA 3HO woman. Deep Turban assumed he was bull shitting. ( And it seems as if GuruJot Singh was, in truth, full of it. This alleged third 3HO murder has never seemed to have any concrete evidence to back it and some counter-evidence).

11. Deep Turban told me it was Guru Preet's bungling of the marijuana shipments (delays in the San Francisco harbor) that caused the drug bust to happen. He thought that this is why Guru Preet was hit.

12. One afternoon, after the death of Guru Preet Singh, a man stopped a member of the Seattle 3HO sangat and said, "Do you know that your group deals drugs and you had one of your own killed?":


From: whiteraven58 11/30/04

Guru Preet donated a large sum of money to 3HO and was trying to get it back. The feds believe that Guru Jot is the one who committed the murder. How do I know? I read the DEA's own drug files on Guru Jot, trying to help them put him away. Why? I worked hard with the DEA to get Guru Jot put away because of the poison he brought to the 3HO community.



From: RoseLotus1 12/2/04

Why didn't the police investigate this murder?



From: friendtorav 12/2/04

The DEA and others furiously investigated the murder. I was shown their reports, the DEAs, and learned that Guru Preet was scheduled to meet with Guru Jot that evening he disappeared.

They heard my story, which I will tell, about the things Guru Jot told me, and then told me they were positive it was him and were working to get enough evidence to bring him to justice.

They wanted me to go over their reports to see if I could add anything, which I could not, to that story.

That investigation is still an open one and they are still working to put this guy away, not let him keep going.

I am looking for any copies of the reports in my legal files. If I find them, today, I will get copies to be posted.

Much love,



From: RoseLotus1 12/2/04 1:16 PM

Thanks Cliff! Court documents published to the internet are the best! But your whole story is great too! Looking forward to both.

Thanks for being here!



From: whiteraven58 12/2/04

And I would add...

If Akal Security is a billion dollar security business, and if one of our own got killed and stuffed in a trunk, why hasn't Akal Security done their own investigation to clear the matter up?

They have the resources, contacts, knowledge, and perhaps the DNA evidence found in the trunk may lead somewhere now that that technology has been perfected.

The real question is: "Why hasn't Akal stood up and cleared up this matter for everyone?"

I would love to see a conclusive report and answer to what happened to one of the best friends of 3HO, who gave his life savings and his life so our communities could live...

Why couldn't he?

Who wanted him dead?

And why?

In spirit,



From: RoseLotus1 12/9/04 10:03 AM

So, of course, given that Deep Turban, Cliff, and also, (according to Cliff), the DEA believe that GuruJot Singh murdered Gurupreet Singh, or had him murdered, what happens to 3HO when Gurujot Singh gets brought to justice? We all knwo that GuruJot Singh kind of started AKAL. Anything having to do with guns and guards was GuruJot's business within 3HO back then.



Sheriff's officers will replace police at Honolulu Airport
State Cancels The Hpd Contract, Says It Will Save Money With The Change

Star-Bulletin, Hawaii, September 10, 1999
By Ken Ige

A New Mexico-based security company is seeking an injunction to prevent the state from canceling a recently awarded three-year contract at Honolulu Airport.

In a complaint filed in Circuit Court yesterday, Akal Security Inc. said there is "absolutely no basis" for allegations that principals in the firm are under federal investigation for alleged criminal activity.

The suggestion that the Drug Enforcement Agency may be investigating Akal is "particularly ludicrous" since the firm provides security to the agency's Washington, D.C., headquarters under contract with the U.S. Marshals Service, the complaint says. A hearing was scheduled for today.

Several federal agencies have been asked to help state officials determine whether Akal has officers with criminal records, an allegation flatly rejected by two company officials.

Shanti Kaur Khalsa, director of operations, said, "If we did, we could have never applied for the state contract or never be able to hold a secret clearance."

Daya Singh Khalsa, senior vice president, called the allegation groundless, noting his company also has security contracts with the Marshals Service in 31 states that cover 300 courthouses.

Both Shanti Kaur Khalsa and Daya Singh Khalsa are Sikhs and are not related. They say the confusion stems from a 10-year-old drug arrest on the East Coast of someone who bears the same last name.

"That person has no relationship to our company or religion or me," said Shanti Kaur Khalsa. "In my culture everyone has the same last name. ... I believe the truth will prevail and we will continue to work at the airport."

She said Akal beat Wackenhut Corp. by submitting a low bid of $20.4 million to provide security at Honolulu Airport. The bid was awarded Aug. 16. Wackenhut outbid Akal for the neighbor island airports contract.

In its complaint, Akal says the state has not signed its contract yet, although the company was given a purchase order number orally to induce it to start work.

Shanti Kaur Khalsa said shortly after the company began working at the airport, her employees received fliers questioning the status of company employees.

Those anonymous allegations also were sent to the Federal Aviation Administration and other state officials.

State Attorney General Earl Anzai said his office was asked to look into the allegations by Gov. Ben Cayetano, and his staff has completed a "preliminary investigation" and is still awaiting a report from airport officials.
Anzai declined to release his staff's findings. However, Daya Singh Khalsa said the attorney general's office yesterday told him the entire matter has been turned over to the state Transportation Department.

State Airports Administrator Jerry Matsuda last night said his office is still evaluating Akal's contract and "so far the work is satisfactory."

He said the Federal Aviation Administration is helping to collect information on the company.

"We are treating them as if they have met all of the qualifications," Matsuda said.

He said the company earlier presented a list of their past federal contracts which was "very impressive" and there didn't seem to be any problems until the state received an anonymous complaint.

Thomas Rea, FAA's Pacific representative, said all the information his agency gathers will be turned over to the state. The FAA was waiting until the company posted a bond -- which Akal said was done Tuesday -- and was checking its latest contract with an airport in Houston.

Shanti Kaur Khalsa said the company's records and employees were screened a year ago by transportation officials before the bidding process began this summer. Akal never would have been able to participate if any of its employees had criminal records, she said.

State law prevents anyone with a criminal felony record from being hired as a security guard, she said.


From: IprayzGod 12/12/04

That was dated 1999....whatever happened to the contract with Akal Security?


From: coyote224 12/12/04 4:32 PM

Guru Tej Singh started Akal in NM . was my recollection . GJS was already in VA .


From: RoseLotus1 12/12/04

Hi IprayzGod,

AKAL seemingly successfuly lied about GuruJot and kept the airport contract.



From: RoseLotus1 12/12/04 11:34 PM

Hi Coyote,

You are right. Guru Tej Singh started Akal Security. But all 3HO businesses were really run by YB, and GuruJot was always involved in anything that had to do with guns and such in 3HO. In 1987 when Mark Baker sued AKAL, Gurujot was one of the main bad guys in that case, whether he officially worked for AKAL or not, Gurujot was obviously deeply "imvolved":

Defendant Guru Jot Singh Khalsa is a resident of Virginia, and is, or at all times pertinent to this Complaint was, the National Affairs Advisor to the Sikh movement of the United States, second only to Yogi Bhajan in authority in the Sikh movement in the United States. He is sued both individually land in his official capacity, including his capacity, if any, as an officer or director of one or more of the corporate.


On June 6,'1986, defendant Guru Jot Singh Khalsa ("Guru Jot") visited then-Attorney General Paul Bardacke to discuss Mark Baker. During the meeting Guru Jot alleged that Mark bad been dismissed from the Coast Guard because of continued alcohol and substance abuse, that Mark had been intoxicated while on duty at Akal Security on more than one occasion, that he had fought with a supervisor, that he posed a threat to the life of Yogi Bhajan, and cast other false and outrageous aspersions on Mark Baker,

At the request of Guru Jot the Attorney General passed this information on to the NMSP in the form of memoranda, true copies of which are attached to this Complaint as Exhibits 5A, 5B and 5C and incorporated here by reference.

On or about July 1986 Mark Baker was summarily dismissed from the NMSP Recruit Academy,


From: IprayzGod 12/13/04 5:42 PM

Gee, sure makes one wonder about the level of intelligence gathering and verification that has gone into protecting our airports!

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