Protection of Pedophiles in Yogi Bhajan's Organizations

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Protection of Pedophiles in Yogi Bhajan's Organizations

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The following is an email sent by a parent to An Olive Branch, which was hired by 3HO/Sikh Dharma International/Siri Singh Sahib Corporation/KRI to investigate allegations of sexual abuse by Yogi Bhajan. The parent's names and a few details have been made anonymous to protect the identity of victim.

SUBJECT: I have knowledge of Yogi Bhajan protecting pedophiles
From: Anonymous Kaur
Sent: Tue, Apr 28, 2020

Kind greetings.

I hope this letter gets to you in time. I only found your email address today. If you are interested, I have direct knowledge of Yogi Bhajan protecting pedophiles in the 3HO/Sikh Dharma organization.

My dear late husband, "Anonymous Singh," lived in the Los Angeles ashram for many years. He later moved to Espanola, NM where we were married in 1992. It was a second marriage for both of us. Ask anyone who ever lived in L.A. or Espanola, and they will tell you that he was a good man and a dedicated Sikh. He was for many years one of Yogi Bhajan's bodyguards. He provided security at the Los Angeles Gurdwara.

When he lived in Los Angeles he befriended a homeless (or near-homeless) teenager and introduced him to the ashram. The young man became involved with Kundalini yoga and eventually joined the organization. His spiritual name was Narayan Singh (not to be confused with Narayan Singh the psychologist). He was sometimes referred to as Kid Narayan to distinguish him from older men also named Narayan.

While in L.A. Narayan Singh was mentored by Yogi Bhajan's chancellor (attorney) MSS Ram Das Singh Khalsa. It turned out that Ram Das was a pedophile. To avoid scandal, Yogi Bhajan eventually ordered Ram Das to Calcutta (correction: Bangalore), where he collected child pornography and purchased children for sex. His "fall from grace" was a great scandal in 3HO at the time.

Narayan Singh would later move to the Phoenix ashram. He lived in a house across the street from the ashram. He had a window washing business and became a child photographer. He had file cabinets full of child photographs. His front yard was always filled with colorful toys. He became the ashram babysitter. Whenever parents wanted to go out of town for an evening or a weekend, Narayan would babysit. He babysat my husband's son by his previous marriage (my stepson), whom I will henceforth refer to as our son.

Narayan Singh volunteered as a guide at Childrens' Camp outside Espanola, NM, and also at the boarding school in India where so many children were sent.

As was related to me by a parent in the Phoenix ashram, teachers at the ashram's Montessori school began to notice a lot of young children acting out sexual perversions on one another. The teachers concluded that there must be a pedophile that all the children had been exposed to. That pedophile ended up being Narayan Singh. All of the affected children had spent the night at Narayan's house at one time or another.

The teachers wanted to report him to the police. The school director (I forget his name now) told them that anyone who talked would be fired. They shut up.

Parents of victimized children were extremely upset. Yogi Bhajan sent his wife, Bibiji, to Phoenix to plead with the parents to remain silent. She told one mother (who told me) that to make a public fuss would destroy Yogi Bhajan's reputation.

When our son was about 19 (approx 1999) he told us that he had been sexually abused by Narayan at his house, at Childrens Camp, and in India. He remembered waking up in Narayan's bed with no pajama bottoms on. Narayan told him that he had wet himself in the night.

The next day we phoned MSS Guru Terath Singh Khalsa, and his wife, MSS Guru Terath Kaur Khalsa in Espanola. Our purpose was to warn them so that they would keep Narayan away from Children's Camp, and away from children in general. Later we would want to notify the authorities, but our first thought was to protect the children at camp.

Guru Terath Singh was an assistant attorney general for the state of New Mexico. As such he swore a legal oath to uphold the court of law. He was Yogi Bhajans's chancellor (attorney) after Ram Das Singh was exiled to India. He was pretty much the highest ranking person in 3HO/Sikh Dharma after Yogi Bhajan.

Guru Terath Kaur was a licensed psychologist in the state of New Mexico. As such she had a legal obligation to report child abuse.

Guru Terath Singh asked what Narayan did to our son. We repeated what he told us about waking up in Narayan's bed with no pajama bottoms on. Guru Terath Singh's exact words were, "Yeah, that sounds like his M.O."

We were flabbergasted! He KNEW that Narayan Singh was a pedophile!

He told us that it was an open secret. They had banned Narayan from childrens camp, and he was no longer allowed to be a school guide in India. That was it. That was all. They did not report him to the authorities. They did not try to protect any of the other children in the world that Narayan might prey upon. They told us to talk to SS Guru Roop Kaur Khalsa in Phoenix.

The next day I called Guru Roop Kaur. She is the Phoenix ashram's press secretary. She told me not to worry because they had "taken steps to keep Narayan in line." He was no longer allowed to have toys in his front yard. In addition, Yogi Bhajan had given him a "special meditation" to cure him of his pedophilia. And they had assigned a very holy, very elderly, (and physically BLIND) Indian gentleman to "keep watch" over him.

We were beyond appalled. After talking to Guru Roop Kaur we called the Guru Teraths back, but it was too late. They had already circled the wagons. Guru Terath Kaur denied our conversation from the night before had ever taken place. Guru Roop Kaur never accepted any more or our calls.

We took our son to Attorney Bruce Pasternack in Albuquerque. Mr. Pasternack had successfully sued the Archdiocese of Santa Fe for covering up sexual abuse. IIRC, it was the first successful lawsuit of its kind against the Catholic church. After talking to our son privately, he said our son had legitimate grounds for a lawsuit.

Ultimately our son decided not to sue. He was [in college]. He was afraid a lawsuit in NM could interrupt his coursework and delay his graduation. A few months after meeting him, Mr. Pasternack passed away.

After he [graduated] he did not want to go public. Because of their powerful connections, he was afraid that he would be professionally blacklisted if he got on Sikh Dharma's bad side. Basically this beautiful young man was filled with shame and scared shitless.

I am a childhood sexual abuse/incest survivor myself (from long before I joined 3HO). Once our son told us what had happened, my husband and I left the cult but remained Sikhs. I've prayed every day that those responsible for the crimes and coverups will face justice.

My poor husband never forgave himself for trusting Yogi Bhajan and putting his son in harm's way.

If you haven't already done so, I strongly encourage you to read the
Kate Felt and Pamela Dyson (Premka) lawsuit documents (in the Crimes section).

That is all I know about Narayan Singh. Everything I have told you is the truth as I remember it. I hope it helps. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.


"Anonymous Kaur"

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