Khushwant Singh on Bhajan 2004

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The Canadian High Commissioner, James George facilitated his immigration to Toronto, Canada in 1968.

Although a promised university position as director of a yogic studies department did not materialize because of the death of his sponsor.
Are there any records from the High Commissioner's office to verify that claim?

The university (of Toronto?) should be able to verify whether or not they had a "yoga studies" department at the time and if they were hiring a director. If they didn't, then YB lied.If they did, then maybe he was promised the job, maybe not.

A person typically doesn't move halfway around the world for a job that hasn't been locked in. One would usually only do such a thing if they had a contract, unless they were in a real hurry to move.


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It is true that he was a Customs Officer in India and he fled from India to Canada avoid investigation. I have heard this story from another Indian Sikh long time back.


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Yes, Yogi Bhajan was a customs officer for sure.

Khushwant Singh's obit. above is the only reference we have of YB, perhaps, moving West fleeing being investigated, and Khushwant Singh died so we can't ask him about it.

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