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Yogi Bhajan's Illegal East Indian Kidney Transplant

From: Soram Khalsa, M.D. Sent: Saturday, February 09, 2002

I am happy to let the Khalsa Council know that the Siri Singh Sahibji is very stable in the hospital in India. I spoke with Dr. Siri Atma last night and in his words the SSSji is "really strong" and "everything is going great! ".

The SSSji's toe is healing very well and there is only a small area that is not totally healed. Dr. Siri Atma is going to email me a digital photo of his toe (!) so I can see for myself !

Dialysis continues 6 days a week, and that is going well also. The SSSji's heart is stable with the current medications also, and he remains in sinus
(normal) rhythm.

The SSSji has a wonderful suite in the hospital and Dr. Siri Atma has his own bedroom within the suite so he may be by the SSSji at all times.

When I spoke with Dr. Siri Atma he said there were 12 people in the SSSji's room right then, and he was telling spiritual stories to everybody! Sounds
like old times ! I have heard independently from his staff that the SSSji looks great and sounds great.

As far as a kidney transplant, all I was told is that nothing has been decided yet, and it was not clear when anything would be decided.

So in summary our Teacher is doing very well now and is very stable, and comfortable. Because of this I will continue to report to you on an
occasional basis, or when I learn of something significant.

Let us Hail Guru Ram Das and Heal the Siri Singh Sahib ! Our prayers are working !

With love to you all,

Dr. Soram


From: SNOOPYKHALSA Feb-10 2002

Receiving dialysis six days a week means that his kidneys are dead, and will stay dead. The idea that they were not working due to some aryuvedic remedy and could ever be "brought back to life", is a double fantasy. Once a person is on dialysis, they are sick. Very sick. They are tired all the time. They possibly can go on for some time, but do not have long to go. I will find out more specifically if it pleases you, but really, he is going to die one of these months. Possibly years, but I wouldn't bet on it.

What I wonder about is why someone like Siri Atma would want to leave his career, and maybe even family (I don't know the details) just to camp in a room next to the SSS while he is dying. Doesn't he have a business at home and a family to provide for? Is he getting paid by the SSS to do this? And if so, how much? A doctor makes alot in a year, even if he is not gone for that long, where are his patients going while he is gone and how long will it take to build up a patient base when he returns? To me it is mind blowing that no one in the dharma even thinks about this when they read the following letter. That in itself is telling.


From: SATSELF Feb-10 2002

Dr. Siri Atma has become another one of the men in 3ho who have become a 'favorite son'. That always entails leaving behind all other obligations, or at least letting them come in a distant second.

Once that happens the man's family has a choice--they can either go along and become satellites of the YB Show, or they have to separate, either psychologically or physically. There's no room in the gravitational field for any other choice. This is a very common social pattern in feudal culture in general, and in traditional Indian culture specifically.

I wonder if this same pattern has been true for women who become chelas when they already have a husband and/or children.

My understanding is that YB is possibly awaiting a kidney transplant. I wonder if that's even possible at this point?

The great drama of the dying spiritual teacher has had a really long stage life, kind of the The Fantastiks. It's certainly been compelling for many people, whether they are fascinated by it or repelled by it. I know that living around it was sheer hell. There's no other room in that ecosystem for life forms that don't act as life support. You're just shit out of luck if you don't want to play.


From: ROSELOTUS1 Feb-11 2002

Dear Snoopy,

Thanks for the source document on this "rumor", because I had not seen it, just heard the rumor. And you are right, it doesn't look long for YB. Kidney failure is big sick.

At long last, Yogi Bhajan is finally getting his prayer answered. So why has he always wanted to die?



Yes, but this is the big mystery. If SSS really has wanted to go back to God like he's always said, why would he fly to India to get a big time saving transplant that he couldn't get in the US? And it wouldn't save him that much time! The reason that he couldn't get a kidney transplant in the US is because his diabetes situation would just kill the new kidneys all over again, the reason they failed in the first place! (I know my language is non medical here, sorry). Plus his age, I think in America they try to save them for younger people as well.

Personally, I think it's very obvious that he doesn't want to die. Even a few months in extreme conditions (transplants are no cake walk, the body tries to reject them), life is never again near normal), he is willing to trade rather than die. Doesn't sound like someone who is detached and ready at any time to me.


From: EARLYBIRD900 Feb-13 2002

And let's not forget the martyrdom he claimed his death would be. I guess he did martyr himself - on the altar of excess.


From: SatatLast 2/27/02

Hello everybody,
Not sure if I understand your view point correctly. Yogi Bhajan did get a transplant from a living doner and is recovering. How longer he will last, I am not sure.
I believe his fear or over concern over his death, is typical Narcissist behavior.

As to how a woman is treated if she becomes a beloved daughter. Yes, you do get the same treatment.



From: RoseLotus1 2/27/02

Dear SatAt Last,

I have a huge revulsion about ever even THINKING about YB's health because people in 3HO fixate on it so much. For years YB has been talking about his death. He said he was suppose to die for daring to break this huge ancient Indian Yoga taboo and teach us KUNDALINI (oooooooooo!) Yoga (wow!). That was back in 1969 or 1970 - right?

This man has been talking about his death, his wanting to die, his fearlesslness about death non-stop ever since! Everytime YB got a hang nail, we did 40 day prayer sadhanas to heal him.

So I have this "cult recovery" issue over the whole issue of YB's health and death.



Los Angeles Monday Morning 8 a.m. February 18, 2002

It is with great sanctity that I have the responsibility to announce to the Khalsa Council that the Siri Singh Sahib-ji will be having a Kidney Transplant this Thursday, February 21, at approximately 12 Noon in New Delhi. The new kidney will be placed in a "pocket" in his lower abdomen,
and the old kidneys will not be touched or removed, as there is no need.

The new kidney will be connected to his bladder so urination will be asnormal, after the surgery. The procedure will last approximately 90 minutes, after which he will go the the Transplant ICU (Intensive Care Unit) where Dr. Siri Atma and Dr. Harjot will take shifts caring for him around the clock, of course along with the transplant team and other hospital specialists.

The SSSji will be in extreme isolation in the Transplant ICU for about 10 days.

After those 10 days he will be moved to an isolation room where there will continue to be NO VISITORS. The doctors and hospital staff will wear
masks and possibly other isolation suits. The SSS ji of course will be on several drugs to prevent immunological rejection of the donated kidney by his body. At first these drugs will be at very high doses and that is why he needs to be in isolation, because those drugs suppress his own immune system so it will not reject the donated kidney. Because of this suppression of his own immune system his body could easily catch a germ if he were to be exposed and this obviously, with the immunosuppressants, could become very serious .

Dr. Siri Atma has told me that NO ONE will be able to visit him until it is safe to reduce the immune-suppressing drugs and the SSSji's general
state of energy and health is appropriate for visitors, in the exclusive judgement of Dr. Siri Atma, along with the Transplant Team. The SSSji has assigned Dr. Siri Atma this decision.

The SSSji will remain in the hospital for an unspecified amount of time, but Dr. Siri Atma approximates that SSSji will be able to leave and travel by the end of March. Whether the SSSji travels to Ananpur Sahib or to Amritsar or back to the USA is unknown at this time.

This transplant has been a long time in coming and has required immense planning. I only learned about it a few days ago. The main reason that I am able to send this out to you now is my request and Sat Simran's request so we could all pray extra hard.

I would look to our Dharmic leaders in the USA and worldwide to organize special prayer services for this very important surgery. I think we could easily do the arrangements worldwide via email for starters. I will get more details within one or two days as to the EXACT time of surgery and immediately let everybody know via this email group.

I will be with you all in my stronger-than-ever prayers for a successful surgery and a smooth and speedy recovery.

I will let everybody know any other information as soon as I have it and I would expect to be able to send an immediate report to everybody right
after the surgery. I of course will remain in close contact with Dr. Siri Atma and Dr. Harjot Kaur.

Let us Hail Guru Ram Das and Heal our Teacher during this most important surgery.

With love to you all,

Dr. Soram


From: IPRAYZGOD Feb-20 1:52 am

Hmmmm....I wonder if he would answer letters like,

"Dear Yogiji, Will you please tell us how you got a woman to hold down her own sister so you could rape and beat her?"

"Dear Yogiji, How does it feel to be a man of such large physical stature and to beat women and rape them and sodomize them and urinate on them?"

"Dear Yogiji, How does it feel to pass sexual diseases on to those who trusted you enough to call you teacher, "father", master, head of the sikh dharma of the western world?"

"Dear Yogiji, How did you committ adultery so much and still look your wife in the eyes?"

"Dear Yogiji, Are you glad you don't have to spend too much time looking at your face in the mirror while shaving, so that you can disconnect from the man you SAY you are as oppossed to the actions that you have undertaken, using sex to hurt and pollute others?"


From: Soram Khalsa, M.D.
7am Los Angeles Thurs Feb 21, 2002

Ths Siri Singh Sahib-ji is doing very well post-operatively. His vital signs are very stable and the new kidney is working very well. At this time,
the kidney is putting out 500cc of urine per hour ! This is what is expected after this surgery and is obviously excellent!

The SSSji's Vital signs and heart are doing very well, and he is using a little supplementary oxygen. He is tolerating the transplant medications
very well also.

In other good news, the Transplant Donor is doing "fabulously" in Dr. Siri Atma's words.

I will have another report in about 13-14 hours when Dr. Siri Atma and I speak again.

Prayer is the Power-let us keep it going,

Dr. Soram


From: SNOOPYKHALSA Feb-22 2002

In other good news, the Transplant Donor is doing "fabulously" in Dr. Siri Atma's words.

This line has just been brought to my attention.
THE TRANSPLANT DONOR?????? A live person? Who is this person??? Some Indian off the street? An American student? Who is the TRANSPLANT DONOR?????


From: IPRAYZGOD Feb-23 2002

After your question the other day, about asking him about feeding the poor, helping the needy... I thought of the gold temple in espanola, the statues to hindu gods and goddesses (in a Sikh compound?!?!!), the loads of incredible jewelry.....

How many poor people in Espanola, in Poaque, in Chimayo would that money have feed?

Heck, how about the poor, the single mothers, the children right on the ashram property?!

And, yes, indeed, WHO gave him one of their kidneys? Who could have been a suitable match?
Gee, I hope it wasn't one of the children held captive....I mean abandoned.....I mean, being abused....I mean, left running wild......I mean, going to school in India.


From: EARLYBIRD900 Feb-23 2002

Dealing in human parts is not such a big deal in India. While I don't know the exact laws, for example people can sell their bones before they die, so when they die their family gets money, and their bones get cleaned up and shippout to the rest of the world, where they are used in schools, universities and doctors' offices. I imagine it given YB's contacts over there, it would not be hard for him to get a kidney. They probably have organ banks like anywhere else, with the supply much greater and demand much lower because of the cost. Again, I am not an expert, just venturing a guess.


Someone sent me the following: It says that the sss's kidney transplant is illegal by India law if anyone other than his immediate family donated the kidney. Let's do some research and find out who the doner was? Anyone have the ability to do such???
Here is what i was sent.

"With the eruption of the kidney scandals in India's major cities, the Congress passed Act 42: The Transplantation of Human Organs Act in order to block the trade in human organs. This law prohibits all commercial trading and allows organs to be removed only for therapeutic purposes. Furthermore, it bans all organ transplants, except those donated by relatives (specified as spouse, son, daughter, father, mother, brother or sister) and states explicitly that organs can only be removed from brain-stem dead people. Thus, this law makes it illegal to donate a body organ to anyone outside one's immediate family and requires that proof of familial relationship be shown when donating an organ. "


From: SNOOPYKHALSA Feb-27 2002

To me the best part is that before the transplant he probably couldn't pee on his own.
The reason he got kidney failure was a side effect of advanced diabetes. He wasn't good at taking insulin preferring his cockamame herbal stuff instead like carrots and celery. (Well, he was always taking some aryuvedic herb or another.)

I guess the man behind the curtain couldn't bear to go home. He was very busy giving our hearts and brains and diplomas and saropas to his tin men and straw men, but couldn't get up enough courage to go home. If he did, his country men would know that he wasn't actually a real wizard!


From: Satsimran Kaur

Sat Nam.

All the doctors are very pleased with the progress that the Siri Singh Sahib is making. He is right on track in his recovery. His new kidney is functioning as expected. He is still in ICU. It is not clear when he will leave ICU, but the doctors have definitely concurred that he will have no visitors through the end of March (when they will re-evaluate). This is in order to enable him to use all his energy toward healing. Surgery of any sort takes a certain toll on the body and it does need time in rest for optimum recovery to take place.

Our continued prayers will seal that recovery. Prayer is the power.


From: SNOOPYKHALSA Mar-1 2002

I wonder who will suffer more from him not having guests until the end of March. Him or his students?

He has always complained that he felt isolated in his magnificent consciousness having no peers. Now he will truly be isolated since his immune system will have to be surpressed in order to stop rejection of the kidney. Well, we all choose our problems, this choice of is more fitting than I previously realized.


From: SATSELF Mar-1 2002

He wasn't just 'not good at taking insulin', he actually wouldn't take it at all until about a year ago when his kidneys were already almost destroyed.


From: SNOOPYKHALSA Mar-1 2002

I wonder what was he thinking? What was his motivation?


From: SATSELF Mar-1 202

Who the hell knows?

I imagine partly superstition, believe it or not. Maybe something about mistrust of anyone being in charge of his body other than himself. Maybe he thought it indicated weakness or vulnerability. Maybe because it required looking limitations and mortality directly in the face.


Sent: Thursday, March 28, 2002
Subject: FW: Siri Singh Sahib Arrival - From Nirinjan Kaur, Chief of Staff

Sat Nam, you might have heard that the Siri Singh Sahib is coming back to New Mexico on the 28th and you might be thinking that you would like to pay your respects to him at the airport. However, he has specifically requested that no one greet him at the airport. You might think that you won't be intrusive and won't talk to him but would just like to see him. Please understand that at this time he needs every ounce of energy for healing - by just standing when he comes off the ramp can impede his healing process.

Here in India, no staff has visited him in the hospital since his surgery. Even Bibiji did not visit him before the Amritsar trip or since then. In the last few days one staff member has been trained (by the nursing staff) who has been attending him. By now I am sure you have heard that he went to Amritsar, but that was his sadhana and not a social journey. He immediately returned to the hospital where he has been preparing for what will be a very arduous journey by plane.

Please use this time to pray for his recovery which is still happening and honor his request. When he is ready to see you, he will let you know. All love and blessings...

Nirinjan Kaur
Chief of Staff


From: ROSELOTUS1 Mar-29 2002

WOW, flying back to the USA so soon and so sick! What does everyone think? -KRK


From: SATSELF Mar-29 2002

Whateve happened to months in isolation in the ICU because of immune suppressant medications?


From: ROSELOTUS1 Mar-30 2002

Hospice? Soon as you accept hospice everything changes....


FROM: S Guru Amrit Kaur
Secretary General Apr-3 2002

Sat Nam Everyone,

Thanks to your prayers, the Siri Singh Sahib is now safely back in New Mexico, from almost 4 months in India.

He is doing very well, is in excellent spirits, and greatly appreciates all of the support and love that everyone has given him for the duration of his trip and his healing process.

Please keep your prayers and the meditations constant. He has said many times that it is only our prayers that can heal him.

As we have new information, we will update you on his health and well being.

In the meantime his love and blessings are with you.

Humbly yours,
S Guru Amrit Kaur
Secretary General


From: EARLYBIRD900 Apr-24 2002

This one really caught my eye, as it represents the twisted thinking of 3HO to a 'T':

Praying for YB can and does heal him. Your prayers and meditations are keeping him alive. Being where he might see you could kill him!

I would have thought he would want the healing aura of his devoted students to protect him from the bad energy of the polluted and corrupt masses. Imagine if 40 students did 2 1/2 hours of a 'healing' meditation, then formed a circle around him at the airport to walk him out to his car, without speaking to him, only sending him healing energy. Wouldn't that be the 'yogic' thing to do, given the wonderful 'healers' in 3HO? But no, in truth, his students are realy just a drain and a pain to deal with. Best to keep the prayers, meditations and donations coming in from afar.


From: SATSELF Apr-24 2002

Also, he really hates to appear vulnerable. It wouldn't do for people to see him looking like death warmed over after a 24-hour plane trip.
He stopped going to Gurdwara years ago because he could no longer sit on the floor and refused to be seen in a wheel chair.


From: RoseLotus1 Posted by host 12/19/02
Yogi Bhajan - 1990

"I said this body has to go, thank God, I'm so happy to go home. Quicker I go, better I'll be. I said, have you seen this thing going to the moon, to the space? It left its boosters, that's the youth, then it left its propelling shell, that's the middle age, then it leaves everything and then floats into space and sends you signals. Right? Do you understand that? Do you see it on television? I said, that's me. Don't criticize my arteries got closed, my heart is going bad. This heart has done overwork, poor thing must stop. It should not be asked to pump whole lifetime. You know, we did a little bit ballooning, open it up, that's enough. It'll give few years more to extend, a few days more, a few weeks, to just serve the sangat..."

From: RoseLotus1 1/7/03 2:26 PM
"Does Your Oyster Have A Pearl In It?" www.Sikhnet.com

In 1988 Yogi Bhajan said:

"In my understanding, in this last mile of mine in which I'm walking through life, I have no grudge against anybody. I am grateful to those individuals who have insulted me, attacked me, alleged me, even who will convict me, prove against me everything. Dirt is dirt... it doesn't mean anything in heavens. I'm very aware of it."
I wonder what YB means by "it" in this statement? Is he saying that his dirt doesn't mean anything in heaven? Or is he admitting that his whole trip doesn't mean anything in heaven?


From: IprayzGod 1/7/03

The line that got my attention was:

"I am grateful to those individuals who....even who will convict me, prove against me everything."

Sounds like he just thinks it's a matter of time before he really is caught and convicted of something.

"Dirt is dirt...it doesn't mean anything in heavens..."

What?....now he doesn't believe in reincarnation, accumulating and paying off karma?....

hmmm....maybe there is such a thing as a Spiritual Chapter 11 that he knows about...

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