In Memory of Ram Das Kaur

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In Memory of Ram Das Kaur

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On September 11, 2020 Antion Vikram Singh Meredith wrote:

Ram Das Kaur

Ram Das Kaur passed away today.

Why was Ram Das Kaur important to the growth of Sikhi in the Western hemisphere?
3HO started as a bunch of hippies doing yoga in 1969.

Gradually, and over the objections of many of those hippies, Gurbani, Gurmukhi and Gurbani Kirtan became part of the 3HO lifestyle.

There were a handful of stalwarts who fell in love with Gurbani and Sikhi back in the early 70s. Ram Das Kaur was one as was Bhai Sahib Dyal Singh. I was another.

In spite of having to face a lot of negativity from some 3HO people who objected to this “Sikhifying” of 3HO, we persevered and gradually people began to realize that there was something incredibly beautiful and inspiring in the Sikh way of life.

Ram Das Kaur had gone to India on the second 3HO visit (1973?) and became entranced with Gurbani Kirtan. She studied hard and soon was singing kirtan on her own and also in musical partnerships, sometimes with Ganga Bhajan Kaur and sometimes with Premka.

In the mid 70’s, she and Ganga were often flying off to India singing in gurdwaras all over the Northern part of that country.

Those who consider themselves practicing Sikhs within the 3HO fold should be very grateful to Ram Das Kaur. It was people like her who did the heavy lifting to create acceptance and enthusiasm for Gurbani and Sikhi within the 3HO group.

She should be honored in her passing but, because she left the organization, I doubt that she will be. That’s the way it goes in 3HO.

And that ‘s why I wrote this.

Ram Das Kaur ji, I hope you have found a home at the feet of Guru Nanak.

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