In Memory of Dharm Kaur

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In Memory of Dharm Kaur

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Posted by: Roselotus - 2002

The story is about a wild friend of mine from Alaska, with long red hair, named Dharm Singh. He moved to Denmark in the 80s, I believe (but I am calendar challenged, so I am not completely sure) to study Inuit culture at the university there. Dharma Singh has a gift for languages, he speaks 6 or 7 and he is very bright, so he just up and learned Danish, and when he did field-work in Greenland he learned that language as well.

Dharm Singh was a romantic young man (24 maybe?) and a pretty loose 3HO- Sikh. He taught a yoga class in Denmark and he got involved with one of his students and they became a couple. After a while Dharm Singh went off to Greenland for 6 months. That was a whole other adventure.

Meanwhile, while Dharm Singh was gone, his girlfriend got deeply involved with 3HO. She received the name Dharm Kaur from Yogi Bhajan and she tied a turban and started wearing all white. She started doing 3HO sadhana and daily practice with great devotion and she covered every wall of their apartment with pictures of the Sikh Gurus.

Dharm Kaur especially got into the 3HO subliminal tapes which she played constantly. She had a walkman, or the like, and she wandered around always plugged in. She even played the tapes while she slept at night.

SOOOOooo when my friend Dharm Singh returned from his adventures and studies in Greenland, he found that his girlfriend had changed into a real Dharma Jockette! He was pleased at first because he too loved the Kundalini 3HO gig, but it wasn't long before the mandatory sadhana etc. started to wear on him.

And, of course, Dharm Singh was really not happy when Dharm Kaur forcibly awoke him for sadhana at 4am, when he had decided to sleep instead, by throwing ice water in his face.

Meanwhile Dharm Kaur was eager to get married!

And she was concerned about Dharm Singh, who may not have been acting fully enthusiastic, so she started calling Yogi Bhajan for advice.

Yogi Bhajan approved the union and promised Dharm Singh all sorts of great things and everything seemed inspiring suddenly - and thus Dharm Singh married Dharm Kaur.

But, of course, Dharm Kaur was actually married to 3HO more than Dharm Singh, and her way of trying to improve their marriage was to listen to more tapes and do more 3HO practice.

Dharm Singh knew that the marriage was hopeless when Dharm Kaur insisted on keeping her headphones on, and the tapes playing, while they were making love.

One day Dharm Singh just left her. As destiny would have it someone offered him a one way railroad ticket to China through Russia (not a legal trip for USA citizens). He had this crazy idea that he would jump train in Siberia and make his way overland to Alaska. He clearly forgot to look at a map. But Dharm Singh actually did jump train somewhere around Tuva (Burat - is that a place there?) and this led to many more amazing stories, of course.

As for Dharm Kaur, she hung herself. We don't know if she had the walkman on or not. All Dharm Singh eventually learned was that she had pinned a note to her clothes that said, "I miss Dharm Singh."

Dharm Kaur's parents were horrified and grief stricken by her death. They went through the apartment and ripped all the pictures of the Sikh Gurus to pieces.

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