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Perfectionism & Hypochondria in 3HO

Yogi Bhajan often said he said he didn’t come to America to teach yoga, but to create teachers. He promised that if we trusted him and practiced diligently we would become Healthy, Happy and Holy. But his endless yoga kriyas (routines), meditations, dietary and other teachings turned us into physical and spiritual hypochondriacs. People on the outside were engaged in living. We were stuck in our holy Bhajan bubble trying to achieve physical and spiritual perfection as a precondition for living. In the race of life, we were forever at the starting line “getting ready” while everyone else was running down the track.

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An Open Letter to Bhajanists

Posted by stillasikh:

I have no personal animosity towards most of you, and still have great affection for many of you.

I have no objection to you performing Hindu pujas, placing garlands on statues of idols, or any of that Hindu stuff. I have no objection to you performing ritual food offerings for the granting of wishes, or performing prosperity meditations, or any of that stuff. I have no objection to Yogi Bhajan having his ashes disposed of in a classical Hindu (not Sikh) ceremony, or to his Shinto shrine for paying homage to the dead (although IMO it’s in extremely bad taste). If all these rituals and superstitions make you happy, more power to you! But you need to be honest and call yourselves something other than Sikhs, because

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Why Do People Leave 3HO?

Posted by Cliff

1. Why does a flower bloom through any old crack in the asphalt?

2. Why does a caterpillar decide to become a butterfly?

3. Why does a prisoner become free, even though still in a physical prison?

4. Why does a baby breathe after birth-canal squeeze?

5. Why does a hard night always end with a be-you-to-full sunrise?

6. Why do people stop living small at the behest of a small person on a self-made pedestal?

7. Why do some desperate people stop following and start to lead?

8. Why does disease heal?

9. Why do people grow beyond their beliefs and see?

and my personal favorite:

10. Why does it take so many mistakes to learn how to learn?

About Us

We are a loosely formed, non-authoritarian group of volunteers dedicated to telling the world about the cult of Yogi Bhajan. We are survivors of Yogi Bhajan and his destructive cult. We are not affiliated with any religious group or formal organization.

Some of us became involved in Bhajanism because we were attracted to Kundalini Yoga, others because we were attracted to Sikhism. Some of us joined as idealistic young adults while others were born into Bhajanism and knew no other way of life. Some were in only a short time; others were in for decades.

Many of us lost families, friends and careers when we entered the cult. Many of us lost families, friends and careers when we exited the cult. We all have stories to tell…

Who is this site for?

Scholars and reporters seeking court documents and historical testimonies, as well as people who:

  • want help getting out. Who want a reality check and validation for their feelings.
  • want information about Kundalini Yoga, Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training, White Tantric Yoga.
  • want to know if their loved one is safe in this group.
  • want to know where their money has gone or is going
  • want to know the differences between Sikhism and what “those Sikhs in white” practice.