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PostPosted: Mon Oct 02, 2017 8:25 pm 
Mukhtiar Singh Khalsa, long-time resident of the Bhajanist nerve
center in New Mexico, was charged in an alleged foreclosure scam by
the state attorney general in 2016.
Since then he and his wife, Gurnam Kaur Khalsa, appear to have gone
through bankruptcy proceedings. Does anyone know of the current status
of this case?
According to a 56-page complaint by the Office of the Attorney
General, Mukhtiar Singh Khalsa and his co-defendants violated federal
and state laws and abused court processes for their own gain.
"The OAG alleges that Defendants
did so by engaging in a scheme to take money, deeds, and powers of
attorney from consumers facing foreclosure after Defendants told
consumers that Defendants could "fight the foreclosure" for the
consumer. Instead, Defendants in some cases placed their friends or
family in homes which are being foreclosed upon to live rent-free and
failed to assist the consumer in the foreclosure. Also, the OAG
alleges that these Defendants filed sham lawsuits and other false or
deceptive pleadings in the courts and county clerks' offices for the
purpose of delaying foreclosures or to trick judges into signing
orders giving the defendants titles to homes." ... /87534462/

Restraining order for Praedium Preservation
By Scott Sandlin / Journal Staff Writer
Published: Tuesday, August 16th, 2016 at 12:05am

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — A state district judge on Monday declined the state’s request to seize assets of Mukhtiar Singh Khalsa, doing business as Praedium Preservation, for alleged violation of consumer laws protecting homeowners in foreclosure and instead announced a limited temporary restraining order.

The New Mexico Attorney General’s Office alleged in a complaint and motion seeking to freeze assets, appoint a receiver and impose civil penalties that the organization “has victimized at least 50 New Mexico homeowners” and not only taken their money, but also left them in a worse position than before they went to Praedium for help.

Praedium Preservation is a nonprofit incorporated by Khalsa, its president, in New Mexico in 2014 to advise consumers of their legal rights in foreclosures.

The attorney general’s 97-page complaint, filed July 26, alleges that “the enterprise” – the individuals and entities collectively involved – took thousands of dollars in illegal fees and payments from consumers in distress, some of whom testified at a hearing before 2nd Judicial District Judge Alan Malott on Monday. Praedium Preservation, through Khalsa, also has engaged in the unauthorized practice of law, and taken possession of homes in foreclosure and collected rent on them, the complaint says.

After hearing testimony, Malott ruled that the defendants must scrupulously comply with federal debt relief counselor legislation known as the MARS (Mortgage Assistance Relief Services) rule, a 2010 federal rule that bars upfront fees and requires certain disclosures in ads. Malott did not seize or freeze the assets, as requested, however. He announced from the bench that he will file a written order shortly.

The consumer protection division of the Attorney General’s Office said in requesting the TRO that they warned defendants in writing in 2014 about alleged illegal practices, but Praedium and other defendants still “brazenly continue their operations.”

In court filings, the Attorney General’s Office says one harm is that consumers believe another named defendant, New Mexico attorney Joshua Simms, “staff counsel” to Praedium Preservation, is representing them in trying to keep their homes, but in actuality clients are not allowed to meet with him and money paid by clients goes to Khalsa.

Besides Khalsa and Simms, named defendants include Paul Lucero, Gregory Molinar, Heartland Financial, and other individuals and John Doe corporations.


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PostPosted: Mon Oct 02, 2017 8:30 pm ... sure-scam/

State Stops Giant|Foreclosure Scam
ALBUQUERQUE (CN) – New Mexico sued six people and their 12 businesses
for millions of dollars in what the state calls a foreclosure rescue
scam, “the Praedium Enterprise.”
Mukhtiar Singh Khalsa dba Praedium Preservation is the lead
defendant in the July 22 lawsuit in Bernalillo County Court.
Attorney General Hector Balderas accuses the defendants of a
multitude of sins: including taking thousands of dollars in advance to
stop foreclosures, but doing nothing to stop them — and even taking
possession of the homes and renting them out without the homeowners’
There are some of the attorney general’s many allegations against
the many defendants:
that Khalsa, the founder and president of the enterprise,
practices law without a license;
that Paul A. Lucero Jr. also practices law without a license, and
has told the court that he is the representative of a trust which also
is a defendant;
that Gregory Bryan Molinar practices law without a license, while
holding himself out as the vice president of administration for the
Enterprise, and also holds himself out as trustee of another defendant
trust, in which Khalsa also claims an interest;
that Joshua R. Simms is an attorney, a “staff attorney” for the
Enterprise, who maliciously abused court processes, with the other
defendants, and that he “acted unlawfully” by helping the other
defendants violate the Mortgage Assistance Relief Services Rule and
aiding and abetting their unauthorized practice of law.
Other defendants include Gurnam K. Khalsa, Hardeep Singh, P&L
Fusion, and another of Mukhtiar Khalsa’s dbas,,
which Web page was active on the Internet Thursday morning.
The 61-page lawsuit, with 36 pages of attachments, describes a
typical foreclosure rescue scam: promising to stop foreclosure for an
upfront fee, promising to get clear title without paying off the
mortgage, and charging monthly fees for services that are never
One man paid $7,000 up front, and when he complained that nothing
had been done on his case, was told that the money he’d paid was “for
membership,” not for services, and he couldn’t have it back, the
attorney general says.
Another victim moved out of her home during foreclosure, then
learned there were renters in the house, paying rent to defendant
Lucero, who told her she had signed over the house to him—which she
denies—and told her than when he sold the house he’d give her $8,000,
according to the complaint.
The Enterprise also would file false mortgages on a property
involving two Praedium-controlled trusts, then file a foreclosure on
the lien, followed quickly by a stipulated judgment to one of the
trusts, the attorney general says.
Defendants include Praedium Preservation, Praedium LLC, New
Mexico Home Project, 11 Sombrillo Lane Trust, 1512 Summerfield Trust,
P&L Fusion LLC, JRSPC LLC and the 517001251 Trust.
The state seeks restitution, release of mortgages, injunctions
and fines of up to $1 million per violation of the MARS Rule, $5,000
per violation for unauthorized practice of law, $16,000 per violation
of the Federal Trade Commission Act, and other fines for malicious
abuse of process, civil conspiracy, and violations of the mortgage foreclosure fraud prevention act

PostPosted: Mon Oct 02, 2017 9:20 pm 
Master PO. Scamming people when they are being foreclosed on? Scamming people who are being FORECLOSED ON?

Now THAT is a classic Bhajanist way to make some ready cash. Scamming people who are losing everything.

Grrrrrrrrrrrr. OK Lama Lilan Sir. I am here and back committed to this grand work. Just hold me back, tie me to my chair, before I hitch hike to New Mexico to display my great previously dormant superior fisticuffs Katka talents!

PostPosted: Thu Oct 05, 2017 2:28 am 
oh, wow! This is just sick beyond words. I knew Mukhtiar Singh for many years; never considered him capable of such acts. I still consider his wife, Gurnam Kaur, to be one of the sweetest human beings I've ever known. In denial about YB's cruelty and corruption, but very, very sweet.

What possible delusion is Mukhtiar living in where he can rationalize such acts and still consider himself a Sikh, or even just a decently good person? How did they even think up such a scheme and not feel ashamed of themselves? Did Gurnam Kaur know what he was doing? I'll probably never know the answers to these questions, but I wonder...

I imagine the conversation went something like:

"We can make a lot of money cheating people who are being foreclosed upon, and give our friends free housing!"

"But, that's not honest... "

"Don't be negative. The Siri Singh Sahib approves this plan through his etheric body because the money's For The Dharma."

"Oh. OK then. It's For The Dharma! For The Dharma! Tra-la-la!"

PostPosted: Sat Oct 07, 2017 1:28 am 
Forget-me-not, how do the residents of the New Mexico HQ go about their daily tasks ignoring, denying or condoning this kind of behavior? Cheating people wasn't the package anybody signed up for but the dishonesty, corruption and criminality sure trickled down from the top and rippled outward from the cult's dark center.

The defendants in the foreclosure scam case have a hearing scheduled for November 7, 2017.

PostPosted: Sat Oct 07, 2017 3:06 am 
Lama Lilan Po Ph.D. wrote:
Forget-me-not, how do the residents of the New Mexico HQ go about their daily tasks ignoring, denying or condoning this kind of behavior? Cheating people wasn't the package anybody signed up for but the dishonesty, corruption and criminality sure trickled down from the top and rippled outward from the cult's dark center.

I don't know the answer. Personally I was clueless about most of it. When I heard about children being sexually molested in India I believed it. But foolishly, I thought that the parents shouldn't leave, but should stay in and fight to make the organization righteous. I was that naive to believe that YB actually wanted righteousness.

When I came face-to-face with the reality of the boiler room phone scam I yelled bloody murder. Director of Protocol or whatever MSS Hari Jiwan Singh was sent by YB to tell me that the Judeo-Christian ethics I was "hung up in" didn't apply to Sikhs.

When I learned that someone in my own family was sexually abused in India, I tried to get the inner circle to do the right thing and turn the perpetrator in to the authorities. When they circled the wagons against my family, I finally snapped.

In Espanola, there's such a strong pressure to ignore your own inner voice when it conflicts with "The Teachings." Those that try to resist experience very painful peer pressure to conform. YB threatened people with dire warnings of what will happen to them if they defy "The Teachings." Unfortunately as we know, "The Teachings" are YB's spin on what it means to be "dharmic" rather than what the Guru teaches in the Siri Guru Granth Sahib.

There are two kinds of Bhajanists: the few who were as corrupt as YB from the beginning, YB placed in his inner circle. And the rest of us, the useful idiots. Those who could be easily corrupted got more promotions and pats on the head than the ones who argued. Grehsam's Law says that bad money drives out good money. I think it applies to 3HO as well: Bad people drive out good people.

In Espanola you have the peer pressure to be externally referenced (co-dependent) rather than internally referenced, along with sleep deprivation from overwork and early morning Sadhana (group hypnosis), low-protein vegetarian diet, and brain damage from Breath of Fire (this was documented somewhere, but I can't remember where, LOL!) and Voila! You have an army of Bhajanist zombie parrots repearting, "Siri Singh Sahib says... Siri Singh Sahib says..."

I've been thinking a lot lately about YB being buddy-buddy with James Jesus Angleton. JJA was all about developing brainwashing techniques in an attempt to make super-spies and assassins. If someone deliberately set out to create an army of spiritual zombies who are willing to sacrifice their lives, minds, morals and money for a bogus spiritual teacher, you couldn't do much better than what YB created. YB and JJA. Who studied from whom?

I guess that those who are still in are either in too much denial still, or the right something hasn't happened to them to make them snap to the reality of what they're involved in. It's so painful to accept the reality that you squandered your life following false teachings from a false teacher. A lot of people don't have the strength to go through that pain.

The defendants in the foreclosure scam case have a hearing scheduled for November 7, 2017.

I sure hope the press will be there!

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