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PostPosted: Thu Nov 05, 2015 7:35 pm 
This recent post on Sikh Archives contains an accusation about Bhajan's involvement in a murder prior to his departure for North America.

The Film: Enemies Of The Sikhs, The Yogi Bhajan Cult And A Murder In Abohar
"After seeing the movie: The Enemies Of The Sikhs, I was reminded of the Yogi Bhajan cult.
This film captures the rising hostility of Sikhs against cults which are created and cultivated by the RSS and the Indian Intelligence Agencies for the purpose of attacking the Sikh religion. There is widespread unrest in The Punjab in consequence of acts of desecration. The film clearly conveys the rising resentment of Sikhs against these cults. This marvelous film shows a dot-headed cult guru being gunned down by a young Sikhnee fifteen years after her rape by him.
Yogi Bhajan, the guru of the Yogi Bhajan cult, is believed on credible grounds to have murdered a Sikh in Abohar, Punjab and then fled to Delhi. He was there picked up by Indian Intelligence Agencies as a possible asset to be used against the Sikhs and was consequently protected from extradition to Punjab State for the murder. Arriving in the United States he quickly set up his cult business. If all of this is true then he would have lied on his immigration application and one can suppose that he as well as his family are technically illegals. As the court deposition of Katherine Felt asserts, he was a serial rapist and a sexual pervert. He liked to dominate females, beat them and in particular he was fond of urinating on white females. He was all about mind control. He was clearly a psychopathic deviant.
Sikhs cannot move forward in this world if they are continuously attacked by the enemy within.
As I remarked in a previous post, the Director of the film must have known a thing or two about this rapist and his mind-control cult.

The vicious side of this Yogi Bhajan cult is it’s constant non-stop attack on the conscience of devout Sikhs. It’s a dangerous thing to do as the present events in the Sikh Punjab demonstrate. Sikhs are aggrieved since the Indian State is not only attacking the conscience of devout Sikhs but is engaged in a deliberate low intensity program to ethnically cleanse Sikhs.
All across the world, there is a rising drumbeat of ambient violence. All over the world people are fed up and at their wits end with the gross inequities heaped upon them. Apparently truth and good conduct have no value. Treachery and deceit are rewarded. Something will give way and relatively soon. In the Punjab, the situation is spiraling out of control. Sikhs will tolerate an attack on their religion only to a certain extent.
In the Punjab a steady stream of movies are coming out, which not only articulate the Sikh concept of manliness and correct action but appeal to the logic of settling scores. Sikhs view the situation as completely vitiated. The Indian State provides complete support to cults as they attack the Sikh Religion, and when Sikhs peacefully protest the attack on their religion, they are gunned down. This is what is happening in The Punjab. My grandmothers favorite saying was: ‘the guns should keep on firing (“goli chaldi rahnee chaihee di hai“). She meant that it is the only SURE way to control all the tyrants and devils who crawl out of the woodwork when there is too much peace. And she was right."

PostPosted: Fri Nov 06, 2015 8:32 pm 
Summer Solstice 1976 in the Pecos... Bhajan told a story about how he killed a man in India who was attempting to rape a woman. Said he pushed her to the ground, stood over her to protect her and killed the man with his sword. He was very dramatic.

I wonder if this is the homicide the allegation is referring to, and what the real story was. If he really killed someone in defense of someone else, he wouldn't have had to flee.

PostPosted: Fri Nov 06, 2015 9:48 pm 
YB's tall tales always seem to be a weird combination of truth and fantasy. Usually a kernel of truth with all of the unseemly aspects cut out and an absurd casting of himself as a superhero thrown in.

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