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PostPosted: Fri Apr 24, 2015 12:48 am 
Elandra Kirsten Meredith writes with real understanding and compassion.

PostPosted: Fri Apr 24, 2015 3:34 am 
Well, even though Hari Jiwan's missive is slightly better written, it is typical of what Gursant Singh has had to face ever since he has been on his crusade- not that they bother to respond to him anymore. I don't recall ever once seeing anyone rebut a fact that Gursant Singh posted; other than to say that participating in Hindu pujas etc. amounts to an "interfaith event".

Guru Fatha Singh - being a much nicer guy than Hari Jiwan - counters the article with what a great and wonderful person YB was. He then goes on to admit that YB did have a tendency to exaggerate (i.e. lie) but that was of no consequence and he (Guru Fatha Singh) doesn't care.

All this may invoke the approval of those who have been drinking the Koolaid for some years. Others - especially academics - are likely to be less than impressed with the Bhajanist response.

PostPosted: Fri Apr 24, 2015 12:58 pm 
Elandra is a beautiful shining star, and a healer. Just perfect for the role of New Age good cop, (after my Sikh bad cop), ministering to any German Kundalini Yoga students/teachers emerging from cult-mind-control.

They appear to be fogging over, at present. Her post is not receiving much feedback. Elandra may be being shunned - for a spell - but she has reached out a healing hand and a new, New Age, KY paradigm.

I don't think most of the German KY Teachers there are going to stay entranced long. They are stunned but not for long. They are going to ask very hard questions of Yogi Bhajan Empire representatives, and imagine those representative dancing the side-step in response to an audience of awake Germans?

Meanwhile Antion Vikram Singh is still posting excellent Sikh responses on a private Sikh FB forum, addressing the concerns of the one lone Yogi Bhajan supporter there. The other Sikhs appear to be supporting Antion Vikram Singh's side, some very articulately, he tells me.

PostPosted: Fri Apr 24, 2015 1:24 pm 
Word has arrived at The Po House that The Sikh Free Press article's negativity is vibrating Khalsa Council as the Siblings of Destiny hyperventilate at the casino for their April meeting in Espanola. The assembled Sibs know about "the slander" and are congratulating The Chief for his bold defense of The Master.

Reliable intel on the ground has it that the name Siri Singh Sahib is being proclaimed with gusto. Or, locally, mucho gusto.

To respond to this "slander" of their Master, they must actually all read the article first.

Getting people to read is often the first step to deprogramming. Bhajanists who read the Gurujot Singh Khalsa court documents in the early 1990s became X-Bhajanists. The others refused to read anything "slanderous".

The fact that they don't know the correct meaning of the words "slander" or "libel" is very droll too. Telling hard truths about public figures is the opposite of slander/libel. Lying about good people is slander/libel - like how they say nasty things, demeaning things, about X-Bhajanists. Recent example, Sukhmandir Singh Khalsa publicly declared me one big "force of negativity" because I warned him that Yogi Bhajan was an evil man. Present example,Chief of Protocol of Sikh Dharma, Mukhia Singh Sahib, Hair Jiwan Singh Khalsa Crookji is calling X-Bhajanists "disgruntled" about how he is still selling those "Tantric Necklaces" and "Gems Blessed by Yogi Bhajan" - worth so much more than regular rocks - and the rest of the con games going down in the Yogi Bhajan Empire.

Disgruntled? How about horrified and sickened? (Didn't the FTC tell him to STOP IT already?)

Proof that Yogi Bhajan was never given the title of Siri Singh Sahib and that he was suppose to get excommunicated from the Sikh Panth in 1977, is new news for us all. How are they going to handle the crisis this will cause inside each of them? How can they address the crisis of faith experienced by their students? How can they combat the awakening of Sikhs? Chanting LONG SAT NAMS may not work to their advantage.

PostPosted: Fri Apr 24, 2015 1:44 pm 
From private Sikh FB forum:

Antion Vikram Singh

Singh ji says "Some have moved on beyond Yogiji's influence to become amritdharis and not just "3HO".

When I was a Bhajanist there certainly were people who had taken amrit. Whether they actually practiced their duties as Khalsa I cannot say. But I never, ever, ever met one Bhajanist amrtdhari who had “moved on beyond Yogiji's influence”. You must understand that it is all but impossible to be a Bhajanist and NOT be under his influence. If you try to be independent, you are shunned and berated. You HAVE to follow their rehit.

He then says:

"And Sikh Dharma is most of the time promoting yoga and yogi bhajan instead of sikhi and its origins" ------ From a distance this might seem true but not what I have seen or experienced. I have never ever seen a program to get people into "3HO""

It’s not just from a distance. I have been looking for the minutes of the last “Khalsa Council” meetings from last October but have not been able to find them yet. When I do I would like you to read them to see how much KY and 3HO is in the minds of the supposed leaders of Sikh Dharma. Also how they finish their “Khalsa Council” meetings with yogic practices, meditating on YB’s picture, instead of going to Guru Maharaj and taking the vaak.

It’s mostly about yoga; I don’t know why you keep on denying that. You say that you didn’t see much and yet you surely don’t want to listen to me who saw a great deal – and I still do.

Antion Vikram Singh

"The point is not everyone in "Sikh Dharma" is following Yogiji."

Wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong!!! See my previous post!!!

PostPosted: Fri Apr 24, 2015 1:49 pm 
From private Sikh FB forum:

Antion Vikram Singh

Singh ji, perhaps you may consider what I have written to be bashing. However my experience has shown me that few Punjabi Sikhs have an understanding of the many different aspects of 3HO/SD. With all due respect to Singhji, even though he lived in a 3HO ashram for a while, it's quite obvious that there are many, many aspects of 3HO that he does not fully comprehend. I feel the need to speak the truth; I feel the need to educate.

We cannot have dialog and understanding if the different groups are operating with false assumptions about each other.

If there were Bhajanists who were interested in learning what i know about Sikhi, Punjabis from the different parts of the diaspora and Punjabi culture, I would be happy to share that as well, because I know a lot after 45 years. But right now there are no takers on that one LOL.

At this point I don't really care if anyone thinks what I am saying is nindia, slander or whatever you want to call it - or not. I could take some time to list the good points of the Bhajanists and what they are doing; there are many. But that is not what is causing the problems.

Antion Vikram Singh

This from my wife. It is written for those who are still teaching and practising YB's K. Yoga.

I am Elandra Kirsten Meredith and because I am committed to a path of truth, healing and love It is important for me to write this. During my 17 years’ as a leader in the Sikh Dharma/3HO Kundalini Yoga Organization of Yogi Bhajan, running the San Diego Ashram and Yoga Center, and writing many of the Yoga manuals, we gave our lives for our beliefs and there was tremendous devotion and love and hard work, idealism and hope for the future.

I address this to the Kundalini Yoga students and teachers of the world, I am writing to express empathy for you, realizing how disturbing it must be to even have it suggested that the creator of Kundalini Yoga was anything less than the great man you would want to believe he is. After all, you would want to believe his saying to his students, “Be 10 times greater than me”.

For you it is disturbing, for me it was vastly traumatising. Tragically I had to leave. I did not want to, this was my family! I saw too much. I saw the lies and corruption. My love, devotion and commitment was betrayed. I was then villifed, i was attacked and slandered and lied about, and there were threats to spend millions to destroy me.

You love Kundalini Yoga as I do. After teaching a wonderful yoga class tonight, full of love and laughter, - this may have been my 2,081st class! - as I have been teaching for 43 years, I was yet again both grateful and blown away by how fun and creative the exercises and meditations were and are.

I can understand that you might feel, what does this have to do with me anyway? I would suggest that this is the reason. When you teach Kundalini Yoga, when you say Sat Nam, which means truth, wahrheit, it is a call to live your life by the power of truth. You must follow the call and live as model of truth telling! A model of integrity. You must pass on a foundation of truth for the sake of future generations on this earth. You become a much needed beacon of hope, light and love in the world.
(for the rest of Elandra's message, see above thread)

PostPosted: Fri Apr 24, 2015 3:10 pm 
They can't rebut any of the facts she presented because the facts are irrefutable.

What effect do you think Anju's article will have on the Sikh leadership at the SGPC and Gurdwara committees around the world? Do you think they will ever make a formal pronouncement that Bhajananism is a cult and not Sikhism? Will they continue to close their eyes and schmooze with the Bhajanists, pretending that nothing is amiss?

PostPosted: Fri Apr 24, 2015 8:47 pm 
forget-me-not sez: Elandra Kirsten Meredith is my hero. She so elequently says what I feel but cannot express.

Well, she's my hero too - for obvious reasons.

However, unless I am very much mistaken, you are the person who wrote the "Open Letter" to the Bhajanists some time ago. You may not know this but I have re-posted that letter on several occasions - often in Sikh discussion groups - as a great, sincere and eloquent missive outlining the truth about the Bhajanist version of Sikhi.

So you are a hero to me as well.

PostPosted: Sat Apr 25, 2015 3:01 pm 
Hi forget-me-not,

I know you were asking Antion Vikram Singh about how Sikhs are going to react to the news that Yogi Bhajan manufactured the Siri Singh Sahib title, and was about to get excommunicated in 1977 - and the misrepresentations of the Guru Granth and the rest - and I too hope he can share his knowledge with us.

But at the level that nobody knows what the future will bring, and adding in how Sikhs are especially hard to predict (or so it seems to me), I took a vak and Guru Arjan (page 712) told me (or so it seems to me) that there are three sorts of Sikhs and Sikh reactions.

Some Sikhs have sold their souls for money, some are at least trying to please the Divine but not fully succeeding, and then there are the Sikhs who are too oppressed to be able to do much.

Sounds pretty hopeless, yet I was instructed to "search the Sadh Sangat" until I find the "Divine Essence".

So I did, and I found YOU and other's here.

With great effort and exertion, the miser works to gather in the riches of Maya. He does not give anything in charity or generosity, and he does not serve the Saints; his wealth does not do him any good at all.

The soul-bride puts on her ornaments, embellishes her bed, and fashions decorations. But if she does not obtain the company of her Husband, the sight of these decorations only brings her pain.

The man works all day long, threshing the husks with the pestle. He is depressed, like a forced laborer, and so he is of no use to his own home.

But when the Supreme One shows Mercy and Grace, the Naam is planted within the heart. Search the Saadh Sangat and find the sublime essence of the Infinite One.

PostPosted: Sat Apr 25, 2015 11:33 pm 
You honor me, friend, more than I deserve. Thank you very much!

So OK, I'll cop to it. I was stillasikh in the old forum and wrote the Open Letter to Bhajanists.

I'm still a Sikh. Not a good Sikh to look at, a bit beat up and with some foxing around the edges, but a still a Sikh.

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