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PostPosted: Wed Aug 22, 2018 8:26 pm 
Paramroop Singh Khalsa, husband of self-proclaimed Mahan Tantric, Sotantar Kaur,
( has launched a write-in
campaign for sheriff of a mountainous Colorado county.

Paramroop, a Kundalini yoga teacher in Carbondale, is best known for
his appearance on The Bachelorette, an American reality television
production. His estranged son, Dean, a bachelor contestant, took the
season's bachelorette to Carbondale for a tense introduction to his
father and Sotantar Kaur. Somehow the Mahan Tantic wannabe did not
foresee the outcome and Dean lost the competition.

Reportedly some viewers thought Paramroop was a "genie" -- which at least held out the hope that he might disappear.

But no. ... mentality/

Sheriff candidate preaches peace, love, warrior mentality

Matthew Bennett
August 9, 2018

Paramroop Singh Khalsa has declared his intentions to dethrone current
Garfield County Sheriff Lou Vallario as a write-in candidate for the

"I get to spend a lot of time meditating and enjoying life in a
different way," Khalsa said. "We're living in a present scenario of
war where everybody's the bad guy … our current sheriff with his fancy
toys, I mean it's just crazy and us as taxpayers are paying that

Khalsa's own run-in with Garfield County sheriff deputies,
particularly the unkind manner in which he felt he was treated, as
well as the fact that Vallario, who Khalsa described as a "war
dinosaur," was running unopposed, triggered his long shot, write-in

"When I got my primary ballot and the present sheriff was not
contested, I said this is crazy and I've got to do something," Khalsa
told the Post Independent.

A former business owner and a current, practicing Sikh, faith and
spirituality now play a pertinent role in Khalsa's life; a role he
would like to also see rolled out in the Garfield County Sheriff's

"They are brutal," Khalsa said. "That's why I am here because I had a
brutal scenario when I was arrested by the deputies, and that's what I
am here to change."

While Khalsa did not speak much to the circumstances leading to his
arrest, he did go into detail regarding how he felt he was treated.

"I also wear a turban, so I had this thing about being a minority,"
Khalsa said. "They were really quite brutal."

Obviously, Khalsa refers to the Garfield County Sheriff's Department
time and time again as brutal — which the Oxford English Dictionary
also defines as, "savagely violent."

"The days of fortresses and big military equipment are done, the war
is over. Peace lives in Garfield County," Khalsa stated. "The world is
changing rapidly and unless we elect Khalsa as our next Sheriff we
will continue to pay … pay for old systems, brutality by the deputies,
services received by a non-friendly and prejudiced system lead by
their present leader."

Current Garfield County Sheriff Lou Vallario did not know who
Paramroop Singh Khalsa was but did not necessarily write off the
write-in candidate.

"You never want to just completely discount an opponent, however,
someone with a write-in campaign, it's going to be difficult for them
to, I think, overcome somebody that's had 16 years of experience and
been elected four times," Vallario said. "It's not something that I
think you can make a mockery of. I think it's very serious and a very
difficult position and I think it requires a lot of law enforcement

A Sikh and a gun owner, Khalsa hopes 10,000 Garfield County voters
will write just that, "Khalsa," in the blank space under Democrat for
Sheriff despite having no law enforcement experience.

"What I can tell you is being a sheriff requires a lot of experience,
in law enforcement, in leadership, in management; it's a dangerous
job, not only mine but the people that I work for," Vallario
explained. "The decisions I make can … be life or death decisions,
certainly, by putting people out in dangerous situations, patrol and
drug task forces etc."

While Vallario, himself, defeated an incumbent for the position and
has since enjoyed several re-elections, the Sheriff, safe to say, has
probably never faced off against an opponent quite like that of

When informed how Khalsa would like to bring a mindset of peace and
love with a warrior outlook to the office Garfield County's current
Sheriff of 16 years replied, "Given that description I have no idea
what he means."

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