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PostPosted: Fri Jul 27, 2018 9:02 pm 
Objection to Akal Security's contracts with Immigration Customs Enforcement (ICE) is surfacing in an online petition by a Bhajanist yoga teacher.

Some comments from straying Bhajanists and the KY yoga community:

Trent E.
New Mexico

This entire thought, of receiving compensation for what is clearly atrocious and inhumane, now deeply colors and stains anything AKAL touches. I now look at your entire organization with new eyes.
Jeffie K.

Working with ICE gives their inhumane and cruel practices a stamp of approval. Profiting from the imprisonment of innocent people is reprehensible. And placing Akal employees as subcontractors in an ICE facility puts them in the impossible situation of either opposing their direct supervisor’s unethical orders or being complicit in the mistreatment of human beings. End the contract! Do the right thing!

Gwendolyn B.

This is not "ethics and capitalism" nor is this Representative of peaceful American values inspired by the yoga and Sikh communities.

Katia V.
New Mexico

We defend thise who can not defend themselves-- we do not profit from their detention and abuse.

Tejinder K.
New Mexico

Because we are one human family.

name not displayed
New Mexico

As Sikhs we stand up for human rights.
Harmanjot S.
New Jersey

this is against what Guru teaches

Amarjot K.

What do we stand for? Justice, kindness, grace, humanity!

Amy G.

It goes against the teachings and our practice to benefit from this kind of suffering.

Jagat Jyoti S.

I feel strongly that as Sikhs we should protect the vulnerable.

Chris A.


No one should be making money off the misery of these asylum seekers. The USA is supposed to be a place where the tired, the poor and the oppressed can come to be safe.


Geri V.
Humanity has been infiltrated. It’s too close to home... it IS Home.

Patricia J.

Don't want to see Akal Security knowingly support the cruelty that ICE represents through the removal of children from the parents and locked in detention. What/who is Akal Security keeping secure? If not the children, then who? Please remove support from ICE.

name not displayed

Look. ICE and the Federal Government under Donald Trump have ripped infants out of the arms of their parents. Have you ever heard a child cry. Image that child crying for months on end, not knowing if she will ever see her mother or father again. Do the right thing. And drop your contract with ICE. Stop taking misery money. Trauma money.

Mike F.
North Carolina

Desiree L.

This is NOT my community because of this and the focus on money over yogic principles of the Yamas and Niyamas. But I do wish everyone who is involved a more conscious future with more yoga and less profiting from the pain of others. Best wishes.

Monica A.

As a Latina Kundalini Yoga teacher, and a member of this spiritual community, I passionately oppose any involvement of this organization with ICE through Akal Security’s contract with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. I demand that Akal Security (via 3HO) cease its involvement with any government that is imprisoning children and families, inflicting inhumane harm and damage to them. How can we call ourselves a spiritual community for the uplifting of humanity if we are involved in any way to this horrendous and haunting U.S. administration. I believe families should be kept together, and be treated with dignity and respect.

Karen/ Shivdev Kaur S.

I am a member of IKYTA and part of the 3HO community. Yogi Bhajan said the his legacy would be that the teachers he trained will be greater than him -- 10 times greater. We can only deliver his Aquarian Age teachings in the compassionate spaciousness of sunlight and transparency. Sat Nam is our collective name.

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