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PostPosted: Sat Dec 02, 2017 1:19 am 
Sexual Abuse in the Sikh Community
by Santbir Singh

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Yogi Bhajan and Wild Bill Richardson

Yogi Bhajan had a harem to abuse and the best bodyguards Akal Security could provide him, who "guarded" his harem members. This article "Sexual Abuse in Sikh Community" has been posted on the Yogi Bhajan website, call SikhNet. is aimed at Sikhs and 99% of Sikhs are of Punjabi descent and most of SikhNet's audience are new immigrants to the West, (and experiencing hate crimes because people mistake Sikhs for Muslims).

Our hearts go out to all the survivors of Yogi Bhajan sadistic torture, and to all those who, were/are abused by Yogi Bhajan's disciples.

We believe you and we will back you fully when you are ready to speak out and tell your story.

PostPosted: Sun Dec 03, 2017 2:31 am 
Imagine my surprise to go up onto Sikhnet and see THIS headline!

"Sexual Abuse in the Sikh Community

There will be consequences - The Khalsa Panth can not continue to stay silent while so many of its own are being brutali..."

That headline sure got my attention!

The first paragraph had me gasping!

As a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, I have been inspired by all the women, and men, who have come forward with their personal accounts of sexual assault. It’s been incredible to see men in power finally being called to account for their horrendous behaviour and to face at least some bare minimum of consequences for the damage they’ve done. With this movement growing, I’ve realized it is only a matter of time before the predators that infest our community are also exposed.


Of course not, the article turned out to be written by an non-Bhajanist Sikh, talking about other "Sikh communities" and sexual abuse among Punjabi descent Sikhs. He wasn't busting Yogi Bhajan. Yogi Bhajan was not mentioned.

Dozens of young Sikh women have confided in me over the years at camps, retreats and conferences. The number of Sikh women and girls who have suffered some form of sexual assault, be it childhood abuse, inappropriate touching, harassment or rape is staggering. Many Sikh men, like myself, have also been victimized. This is, of course, a problem in all societies, but is an unspoken epidemic in South Asian communities. According to one study from 2007 over 50% of all children in India have suffered sexual abuse.

In INDIA - Oh, yes, of course....

BAIT and SWITCH! a con sales move - paint one picture in the graphic and headline and first paragraph or two - and tell the truth later because most won't read beyond the headline, and most of everyone else will only read the first paragraph. And people see what they wish to see - the game of mirrors.

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PostPosted: Sun Dec 03, 2017 2:56 am 
Bhajanists are presently fighting bad Sikh PR and trying to assure Kundalini Yoga Instructors, globally, that they are against sexual abuse (while letting Karta Singh - and we hear of others - off) and madly trying to keep Yogi Bhajan sensational sadistic sex predator stories DOWN.

We X-Bhajanists do not have any women coming forward and suing, BUT we have a LOT of good information, and women who MIGHT come out at anytime.

So Bhajanists are sitting in their meetings trying to figure out how to respond to all the sex scandals.

Clearly they are banking on Yogi Bhajan NOT coming into media awareness during this wave of exposing of sex predators. They are maybe even smug.

FELT to me this morning, when I read that article on Sikhnet, like when Yogi Bhajan would speak to more than one audience at a time.

I posted a recent example in the Harvey Weinstein thread where Yogi Bhajan is lecturing in Los Angeles, with his wife Bibiji in the audience. He starts by saying that folks ask why they don't get divorced? After some blah blah, YB tells this funny story about what happened when Bibiji and their kids arrived from India. The kids had brought salt with them so Yogi Bhajan, jumped on Bibiji and started beating her up - to show them that YB and Bibiji aren't yogi/Sants. His implied threat to Bibiji -regarding why they shouldn't get divorced - went right over the audience's head. But Bibiji got the message.

I can site several other incidences of this - but just think of Karta Purkh Kaur Khalsa (Kate) being forced to wear high heals and appear in public all black and blue, and nobody DID anything or really even noticed. "She just fell or something."

In this same way, it FELT to me like the YB clones were speaking to Elandra and me, in particular (for our Facebook activism) - as well as to all YB sexual abuse victims and those who speak out for them - posting this article on Sikhnet. Paranoid, probably, maybe...but YB DID do shit like that, all the time. People who believe YB was a Sant, believe that Sikhnet is saying they will not put up with sex predators in "Sikh communities".

But for we who know that YB was a super sadistic serial rapist? This is like a "Ha,ha, what you going to do about it?"

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