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PostPosted: Sun Nov 12, 2017 7:53 pm 
This is all over Facebook and beyond:

Indian Consulate Silenced by Protests at Guru Gobind Singh Seminar

Sikh Information Centre
November 10 at 9:50pm ·

Indian Consulate Silenced by Protests at Guru Gobind Singh Seminar

“The Guru’s crown was salvaged from desecration,” remarks Singh after protest

Los Angeles, CA: Nov. 10, 2017 — An all-day seminar claiming to honor Guru Gobind Singh at Loyola Marymount University was interrupted at the outset when a Singh raised his voice in protest as the event organizers attempted to place a turban on Indian Consul General Ambassador Venkatesan Ashok.

“Dr. Sahota would like to come up and honor Ashokji before we begin,” said the mistress of ceremonies, referring to Harvinder Sahota.

“I protest this activity,” declared Bhajan Singh as Sahota reached for the turban. Speaking to Ashok, he continued, “Guru Gobind Singh is a warrior. You are a coward. You have killed so many people near New Delhi. We are suffering. You are coming here representing the government. You say Guru Gobind Singh is defender of truth. You are, right here, representing untruth. You say Guru Gobind Singh represents equality. You represent caste. You are casteist. you belong to the Hindutva forces. You have no business coming here to represent Guru Gobind Singh. We condemn you for coming here.”

The seminar was co-sponsored by the Consulate General of India, the Indian Government’s Ministry of Culture, and the Sikh & Jain Professorship of Loyola Marymount University. As Singh protested, organizers called security and threatened him with arrest.

“I don’t mind, you can arrest me, but you cannot put a turban,” said Singh. “That's disgraceful to put a turban on this consul…. Take the turban away!”

The sparsely attended seminar soon broke into disorder as organizers called a break, encouraged the audience to drink chai, and people filtered out. Meanwhile, a few people sat beside Bhajan and tried to physically restrain him. “Don’t touch me,” he shouted. “Take your hands off me.” One woman sitting in the row in front of him reached back and slapped him with a brochure.

Most of the audience appeared to be members of 3H0, a sect founded by Yogi Bhajan and considered by most Sikhs to be a cult. In his protest, Singh referenced sexual abuse allegations leveled against the yogi, who died in 2004.

As security guards and seminar organizers surrounded him, Singh would not be deterred and continued raising slogans of “Raj Karega Khalsa,” “Mulnivasi Zindabad,” and “Hindutva Sikhs Murdabad.”

The week before the seminar, other Sikh leaders spoke out against the Indian Consulate’s participation.

“This November, we remember the 33rd anniversary of the genocide of Sikhs in Delhi by the Indian government,” said Balbir Singh Dhillon, President of West Sacramento Sikh Gurdwara. “The genocide was openly orchestrated by the Indian government, but the perpetrators have never been brought to justice. Meanwhile, while we mourn the memory of the greatest tragedy in living memory which our community ever suffered, the same government which organized it has the arrogance to organize a seminar about our Guru.”

Additionally, Jaswinder Singh Jandi, the former president of Fremont Sikh Gurdwara, remarked, “Guru Gobind Singh, like his predecessors, made it his mission to ally with and empower the lowest of the low, especially those treated as Untouchables and known today as Dalits.” Jandi concluded, “When the Hindu nationalists in power in Delhi today are doing everything they can to preserve the caste system and suppress the liberation of Dalits and other downtrodden people, it’s deeply offensive that they would seek to co-opt the legacy of our Gurus.”

PostPosted: Sun Nov 12, 2017 7:56 pm 
From Antion Vikram Singh:

Guru Fateh ji!

Have you seen the video of the Punjabi Sikh protesting at a 3HO sponsored "conference on Guru Gobind Singh?"

It's all over FB with over a thousand shares and almost 63,000 views.

Researching this also led me to another very interesting item ... bs_12755_5

From a review: This is an important book that examines the Sikh gurus' impact on Northern Indian society in the context of the most powerful force of that society: the caste system. Almost all easily-accessible books on Sikhism focus on either the grander history of the Sikhs or the theology of Sikhism. Lost is one key aspect of Sikhism - its stress on equality of mankind. True, even the most basic description of Sikhism states that human equality is one of its main tenets. But the Sikh gurus actually practiced this equality in forceful rebellion against the brahminical caste system so embedded in the South Asian society. And they paid for it with their lives.

Unlike most books on Sikhism, this work is not a tome, thankfully, and is also written in clear, American English and not the usual, dense, "Indian English".

PostPosted: Tue Nov 14, 2017 2:10 am 
So the Bhajanists big wigs in LA announce an event in honor of Guru Gobind Singh to take place on the increasingly farout campus of Loyola Marymount. The culties plan to crown a representative of India's right-wing Hindu government with a Sikh turban.

Hardly anybody shows up except the Bhajanists, the Hindu guests and some righteously ticked off authentic Sikhs...And campus security...And maybe some LA cops? I can't tell.

And is that not Kamaljit Kaur (daughter of the late Yogi Bhajan) who turns around and swats the protesting Bhajan Singh with a program?

PostPosted: Tue Nov 14, 2017 1:02 pm 
That is correct. And the video goes round and round Facebook, and Sikh-Cyber-Sangat. Must be Jupiter entering Scorpio and the Mars/Pluto Square approaching - all dirty little secrets seem intent on coming out. BUT nothing surprises or shocks me - except perhaps the huge overriding LAMENESS of the Yogi Bhajan Empire.

Such a boring political smooze affair, seems like it was suppose to be secret it is so zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Even the noble Sikh protester is bored and boring. Too hard to keep up for the exciting part when YB's daughter does what you say? zzzzzzzzz whatever zzzzz

PostPosted: Wed Nov 15, 2017 1:44 am 
I agree they are lame, for sure. The headquarters in LA publicized the Guru Gobind Singh event in advance. The fact that nobody showed up says a lot about their audience -- the Southland KY bingers who shell out big bucks at Guru Jagat's Tibetan playhouse up the beach in Venice. Those customers don't care about Guru Gobind Singh unless some turbaned crackpot is channeling him and spinning singing bowls.

Kamaljit Kaur swats Bhajan Singh as he is shouting "Yogi Bhajan is a rapist!" My understanding is that she is estranged from her husband, Satpal Singh Kohli, the self-appointed "Ambassador of Sikh Dharma." The absence of Satpal's diplomatic skill perhaps led to this debacle? Or do we blame the missing "Chief of Protocol" Hari Jiwan Singh?

PostPosted: Wed Nov 15, 2017 11:55 am 
You got me excited. But (at 4:12) even Kamaljit Kaur Khalsa defending her horrible abusive father (who she knows all too well was indeed a serial rapist), by swatting the protestor with her program is.... boring.

Glad to hear Kamaljit Kaur Khalsa (YB's daughter) is not with that awful slimy Bhai Satpal Singh Kohli Khalsa. I would not wish him on any woman, and again YB was a super abusive father. With dirty secrets coming out I wonder if she is ever tempted to come clean and rat on Daddy? It would do her soul good. Being a dutiful East Indian wife/daughter while living in the California must get boring.

Who is the fresh faced young woman introducing this nap-time for diplomats event? She could be at the beach. She could be riding a horse. She could be having fun and learning stuff - not going viral while bored, siding against the Khalsa Panth, wondering how they could ever think YB was a rapist?

PostPosted: Thu Nov 16, 2017 9:44 pm 
The interests of Yogi Bhajan's family and the interests of his followers don't diverge when it comes to the elephant in the room: the truth about sexual abuse and predation.

A Sikh yelling "Yogi Bhajan was a rapist" on camera makes the coverup harder.

PostPosted: Sat Nov 18, 2017 1:09 pm 
True. Which is why the video is all over FB and beyond. "YB WAS a rapist and his daughter IS complicit. "

And Guru Gobind Singh dunna like lameness done in His Naam.

And the way it comes across as if they might have been trying to do this evil political smoozing in secret, away from the eyes of the Khalsa Panth? A sinister lameness, boring it's way to hell.

Too bad the noble Bhajan Singh didn't yell, "Yogi Bhajan was a rapist and they are all having yogasms!"

No, I am joking and twisted. 2018 marks 17 years of WWoYB and the Kate and Premka court documents being published to the internet.

We have waited 17 years for Bhajan Singh to yell "Yogi Bhajan was a rapist!" and for it to go viral.

And the program swat by YB's sad daughter is priceless.

Bhajan Singh said a mouthful, and it was all true.

Give me another couple days and I will really enjoy watching this YouTube again and again. Clearly, presently, I am showing clearly clear signs of anti-cult activist burn out, clearly, without doubt...ZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

PostPosted: Fri Dec 01, 2017 2:07 am 
RSS connection to North American Sikh organizations is discussed in this article which includes the following paragraph:

..."On November 10, 2017 there was an event organized by the 3HO cult
in conjunction with the Indian Consulate in Los Angeles. The 3HO cult
whose current head is Inderjit Puri wife of Harbhajan Puri [aka Yogi
Bhajan] along with her minions were holding an all-day seminar on Guru
Gobind Singhji where the Indian consulate officials were being honored
with a turban. At the open event Bhajan Singh Bhinder a Sikh activist
from Tracy, CA spoke up vociferously to protest against the outright
hypocrisy of the Indian officials and the 3HO organizers, since the
Indian officials have never once acknowledged and/or apologized for
the ‘Sustained Sikh Genocide’ and the ongoing abduction and illegal
detention of many more Sikhs off and on while visiting India, who
happen to be foreign nationals. The video of the recent protest went
viral globally. [See here]"

PostPosted: Wed Dec 20, 2017 7:21 am 
Gursant Singh's short video of the fracas in LA, calling out Bhajanist leadership and the SikhNet toadies just in time for SikhNet's annual fundraiser. SikhNet is now encouraging Bitcoin donations, by the way.

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