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Yogi Bhajan Ordered Woman Sterilized

Plaintiff alleges that a specific teaching of Siri Yogi held that women were inferior to men, and must be submissive to men. Plaintiff was specifically indoctrinated with these teachings of “female submissiveness.” Furthermore, Siri Yogi told plaintiff that her “personal, spiritual and psychological … problems were centered in her ovaries, and that they therefore must be cut… .”

The Complaint relates that “on or about the month of December, 1976, plaintiff was personally directed by Siri Yogi to have an operation called a laparoscopic tubal ligation,” which she had performed. As a result of the procedure, plaintiff claims she was made irreversibly sterile.

The order given by Siri Yogi to have the operation was made during a thirty-day food fast, also ordered by Siri Yogi, which fast continued through the day of surgery…

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SEC vs Khalsa Financial Services, Inc. – Litigation

This is Gurujot Singh Khalsa’s second third bust, occurring after his Smuggling Drugs and Weapons bust…

“In its Complaint, the Commission alleges that from January 1988 to the present, Khalsa, through Gurujot and [*2] Darshan, engaged in a scheme to defraud nine advisory clients of approximately $ 481,000 that was placed with Khalsa for investment. Both Gurujot and Darshan are part of the American Sikh community and the majority of Khalsa’s clients are part of the Sikh community… ”

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SEC vs Khalsa Financial Services, Inc. – Findings and Sanctions

This is Gurujot Singh Khalsa’s second bust, occuring after his Smuggling Drugs and Weapons bust.

“From January 1988 to the present, Khalsa, Gurujot and Darshan willfully violated Sections 206(1) and 206(2) of the Advisers Act in that they, by use of the mails and the means and instrumentalities of interstate commerce, directly and indirectly, employed devices, schemes and artifices [*3] to defraud investment advisory clients, and engaged in transactions, practices or courses of business which operated as a fraud or deceit upon such clients or prospective clients.”

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In the Magical Soup

by Kamalla Rose Kaur

First published in 1994

Magic is like cooking soup. The ingredients of the broth are symbols; images, music, costume, fragrance, scripture, poetry, art and prose. The first step to cooking up a bit of magic is to carefully select, prepare and mix together symbol ingredients and then, step two, cook them over the fire of emotion. Serenity, passion, fear, grief, happiness, anger, solemnity, or combinations thereof, all work well as heat sources, dependent, of course, on the chefs desired outcome. This combining and stewing of symbols with emotion is the culinary art of ritual. Once the soup is prepared, you serve it to the public. This third step is a type of theater or live performance. Magicians (politicians, ad men, rock stars and cult leaders among them) know that life is, indeed, a stage and that there is power in taking on roles and in acting them.

That is what I learned during the 20 years that I lived in a cult [i.e. the "Happy, Holy, Healthy Organization"--3HO].

I also learned that an expert cult leader does not cook his brew with inferior ingredients. Easily, 99% of the symbols that my [former] spiritual teacher pulled from his bag of tricks were time tested, pure and sacred ingredients which really did help his students to experience different states of consciousness, to live more peacefully and gracefully and to heal our wounds. After all it would have been counter to Yogi [Bhajan's] purposes had he scared us off or killed us with our first sip of soup. Rather, the poison was administered very gradually and subtly over the years and it was only at the end that I, among others, developed enough discernment to start noticing and naming specific diseased and spoiled vegetables at the bottom of the bowl.

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Kate Felt vs Yogi Bhajan

Kate Felt -aka- Kartapurakh Kaur was only twelve years old when she was lured into Yogi Bhajan’s cult by his “Secretary General,” her older sister Guru Amrit Kaur Khalsa. Trapped and enslaved, abused and exploited by Bhajan, she was frequently seen in public with bruises, black eyes and bloody lips. Her lawsuit charges fraud and deceit, assault and battery, including rape and sodomy, false arrest and imprisonment…

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Kate Felt vs Yogi Bhajan: Manmohan Singh’s Affidavit

10. I notice that Gurujot Singh Khalsa states in paragraph 8 of his affidavit that Pritam Singh made a demand that Sardar Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogiji recognize Khalistan. During the whole of the meeting the word Khalistan was never even uttered. Pritam Singh did say that Sardar Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogiji should stop claiming to be Sin Singh Sahib, and that he should resign from the Sin Singh Sahib Corporation.

11. Pritam Singh also said that all funds received by Sardar Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogiji acting as Sin Singh Sahib, on received by the Sin Singh Sahib Corporation, should be returned to those they were received from, and that any funds remaining should be given to the Sikh temples. Sardar Pritam Singh did not say at any time that any funds should be turned over to him.

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Premka vs Yogi Bhajan: Swaran Singh’s Affidavit

7. In the meeting Pritham Singh stated that he opposed Sardar Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogijis claim to be Siri Singh Sahib. Pritham Singh stated that no such position exists. Pritham Singh also said he had opposed Sardar Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogijis claims for many years, and would continue to oppose those claims as long as Sardar Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogiji continued to make them.

8. At no time did Pritham Singh say that he controlled the lawsuits of Katherine Felt or S. Premka Kaur Khalsa. He did state that he was assisting these two women with loans and advice.

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Premka vs Yogi Bhajan: Shakti Parwha Kaur’s Affidavit

21. During the years that Premka was actively involved in the Sikh religion, she toured extensively all over the world, often but not always, in the company of Yogi Bhajan. In her travels, she acted as a personal envoy and good will ambassador for Sikhs in the Western Hemisphere…

25. In all the years I was close to Premka, I found her to have a sharp intellect, a creative mind, and I had no reason to question her mental competency in any way…

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Premka Kaur Khalsa vs Yogi Bhajan

“The method by which Bhajan induced others to follow him was to pose as a Yoga master and teacher, and then covertly subject yoga students to a process of mental and emotional conditioning in which their personalities are disrupted and ultimately destroyed, and then are supplanted with a reformed personality (reformed in this context having its most literal meaning of making over or forming again). This reformed personality is, by design, intellectually, emotionally and ideologically committed exclusively to Bhajan and the service of Bhajan. Once a follower is in this condition, he or she becomes part of Bhajan’s cult following, and is invariably exploited by Bhajan for whatever Bhajan can get out of the, follower, be that money, property, sex, labor, administrative or business skill or assistance, or social or political contacts, prestige or credibility. This process is, by design, carried out without the knowledge on understanding of the inductee, and was carried out upon the plaintiff in this case.”

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